Monday, June 8, 2009

My view all weekend...

Poor G-man.... we're not sure exactly what was wrong with him this weekend, but he sure wasn't his usual self. Which was exactly the news his school gave me when they called me Fri afternoon around 4... He had a low grade fever and was acting fussy, and I figured he was teething.

BUT.... Sat passed and I did nothing but hold him (that's my attempt to show you what I've been looking at all weekend!) And I don't mean that I just held him... he INSISTED that he be held where his face was snuggled into my body and my arms were wrapped around him... he was totally cocooned. When I was pregnant with G and we were told he was a boy, all my mommy friends with sons warned me that I knew nothing about a boy's love for his momma. And they were right. Add to it that this boy is also a complete momma's boy.... something Mr. Fix-It has been insistent upon but I've been reserving judgement on. Until now. Okay, okay, Mr. Fix-It.... you're right!
He seems to be on the mend today.... it definitely wasn't teething - throughout the weekend, he readily allowed us to stick our fingers in his mouth on a regular basis and check out his chompers. Maybe just a quick bug...
On the bright side, I had forgotten how much I can get done with only 1 kiddo! It's 11am... I have called to resolve a medical bill claim, scheduled my upcoming mammogram, picked up the house, played with G-man (I told ya he was feeling better!), JOGGED 3 MILES!, uploaded pics... plus all the usual breakfast, getting ready stuff! Ahhhh, feels good! If G is up to it when he gets up, we're heading out for a couple errands! (Nothing makes a working mommy happier than getting to run errands DURING THE WEEK!)
I might just get the chance to finish these awesome Semi-Homemade End-of-School gifts for the kids' teachers - be watching for them!!

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Becky said...

Glad to hear G-man is on the mend! There seems to be a lot of that crud going around right now. How nice that you were able to get a lot of stuff done this morning - that always helps me to feel more sane!

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