Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A model day...

Okay, not a model day as in the perfect day.... like being home with Mr. Fix-It and the kids.... having a leisurely morning, heading off to the pool... no, nothing like that.

But today definitely wasn't ordinary! This morning at work, we had a big monthly meeting that typically includes... a couple hundred people? (I'm not good at estimating crowds!) Anyway, I was sitting in the front row (somewhere you'd never catch me... I'm more of a back row, closer to the Starbucks, kinda girl...)

Anyway, we had heard rumor that today's mtg would be special. About halfway thru the presentations, the production assistant (or whoever she was) asks me and a peer to move out of our seats, obviously making room for someone more important. (I know, I'm sure you can't imagine that!) She pulls in 2 chairs and now I am sitting in FRONT of the FRONT ROW! I'm practically on stage and totally not comfy with it.

Just about then... in walks Cindy Crawford. She came right past me and actually looked at me on her way down the aisle. (I know that sounds cheesy, but it's true!) When I'd heard she was coming, honestly, I was only mildly interested. But seeing her in person was totally different! It was exciting and she truly was different than I expected. She talked about being a working mom... she talked about relating to middle America and regular people.. and although lots of stars try to say all those things, she seemed genuine and real. She spoke intelligently and proved she wasn't trying to be just a pretty face. I was impressed!

Anyway, Mr. Fix-It nearly died when I told him I was within feet of Cindy Crawford today. ;) I'm pretty sure he was thinking of her, circa that 1992 Super Bowl commercial where the 2 little boys are watching her in amazement. ;) hee hee

Quick update on Magaw Camp 2009. Big Sis is having the time of her life! She's gone swimming the last few days and even made a new friend there, named Cheyenne. Big Sis loves to call the shots, and she even scheduled her own playdate, telling Cheyenne to meet her at the pool tomorrow morning. We did get a call on Sun, that almost broke my heart.... after being gone for 3 days, she missed us so much and called saying, "Momma, I want you... I want to come home to Teeeex-as...." (You'll remember I've told you about her drawl!) Anyway, some reassuring words from mommy and talks of all the fun things she still had left to do, and she was fine. She's such an independent, grown up little 3 year old! Anyway, our house is unbelievably quiet and we just can't wait to see her on Friday!


*kimmie* said...

So cool! Sounds like a fun day at work!

Seersucker Scrapper said...

I don't know how you are doing it. I don't think I could be away from Little Miss M for that long.

How cute is she!!!!

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