Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Semi-Homemade Teacher Gifts

School is out - woo hoo! Okay, so when you have a preschooler and a baby, summer isn't quite the fun it is when you get older! But... to set the record straight, the ice cream truck did come to school on Monday to signal the beginning of the summer session. Fun is here and learning is on hold - even for 3 year olds!

Got a special teacher and you want to let her (or him!) know how truly appreciated they were?
This idea is sooo easy, so semi-homemade, so cheap and SO CUTE! I just know you'll be ready to do it yourself! It's a S'Mores Teacher Appreciation gift!

As with anything, I picked the color scheme first. I was thinking coral & turqoise, but settled for red and turq, since I was doing this on the cheap and couldn't be picky!

The easy supplies & their costs (this made 6 gifts):
Bowls $1.50 -- the plastic ones at Walmart that come in packs of 4s
Hershey bars $6 (but I got them at CVS and got $5 back!)
Marshmallows - 2 bags $2.80
Graham crackers - 2 boxes $5
Tulle & cellophane = freebies! They are staples at my house... I could go on and on about my love of tulle....
Total cost: $15.30 or $2.55/gift
-- but even cheaper if you take into account my$5 ECB! ($1.72/ea)

Okay, for the quick how-to. And when I say quick... I even had G-man playing in the dining room with me while I threw them together - in under 30 min!

First, fill a baggie with marshmallows. I like the ones you have to use a twisty with - not the ziploc - because they're cuter. Tie it shut with tulle. Duh. ;)

Then put the sleeve of graham crackers in the back of the bowl as your anchor... toss in a couple Hershey bars (I won't tell if you have to sample them to make sure they're 'okay' - just buy extras like I did!) Put your marshmallows in the front.

I did an assembly line and got all 6 done. Then just wrap in cellophane. You cut it like wrapping paper... gather the ends, making sure the excess goes in the back so it's not bunching up in the front and blocking the view... then tie with MORE tulle!

YUMMY!!! (Ignore the bad lighting on the finished product! Trust me when I say they turned out CUTE!)

But the cutest part - that really personalizes these -is the tag! This idea is from no fuss fabulous and it's just so darling (the funny thing is that the color scheme even matched what I'd picked for my gifts!) I threw it into photoshop and added Big Sis and G-man's names to the tags and tied on to the packages with tulle. Aren't these the cutest?

I hope you liked these super cute (and cheap!) semi-homemade teacher gifts! Okay just thought of this! To make it even EASIER... just throw the 3 ingredients in a cute solid colored gift bag (you know, the cheapies!), attach the tag to the front of the bag, and done! (I'd add a tulle bow to the handles. I'm just saying..)
Tomorrow I'm going to OK to help my sis with her new baby (be watching for pics, as I help her decorate Carter's Semi-Homemade Nursery!) My mom-in-law will be picking up Big Sister for the beginning of Magaw Camp 2009 (that's Big Sis's version of Granny Camp). I won't see her from tomorrow to the next Friday and I'm kinda freaking out! That's a LONG time when you're 3. Or when you're the mom of the 3 year old! I'll keep you posted....


*kimmie* said...

CUTEST idea ever! So creative!

Sasha said...

I'm so proud of your CVS-ing!

Seersucker Scrapper said...

Those are just adorable. So creative!

MaryBeth said...

Love it! I wish someone had made those for me while I was teaching school. My older little man is at "Grammy" camp right now. He's having a blast! Hope big sis enjoys it too!

MissBliss said...

Adorable!!! I was a teacher, (survived 2 years, barely, before returning to teaching college!) and would love this over any other teacher gifts! chocolate, and summer! bring it on!!!!!! ;)

your little boy is toooo cute

Joy said...

This is just too cute! I love it! I will definitley be copying and am linking to you on my Thursday post this week @
Come on over and visit!

Nancy said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful idea, you are a life saver! I know my daughter's teachers will appreciate it and it was EASY!!!

Thank you, again!

gift delivery Philippines said...

That was a brilliant idea very wonderful gift I appreciate your blog thank you so much for this. Keep posting!


Kelly Lund and Kids said...

I googled "cute ideas for teachers" and came across your blog... SO SO CUTE!! thanks for the great idea :)

Linda said...

Thanks for the awesome teacher gift idea! This is great and creative too!! :) Got all my supplies on I did very well!

Lynn Doire said...

Last night I was searching online for homemade teacher gifts as money is tight lately. I thought these were perfect and so did my daughter. I am new to couponing and saving/deals sites as well and not familiar with all the lingo. How did you get $5.00 back from CVS, also, what does "ECB" mean to take advantage of that saving as well? I am eager to learn and need to learn all I can out of necessity. Can you please help me? Thanking you in advance for your assistance and for sharing this very adorable and affordable project. Kind Regards, Lynn Doire

Anonymous said...

GENIOUS!! These are really great and easy! My son's teacher's loved them!

Send gifts to Pakistan from UK said...

this is something different and very creative.

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