Monday, May 4, 2009

No news yet....

Last I talked to my sis, the doc had reason to believe that Baby Boy would be here by 7pm. That was at 5:30pm. Now... there's a good chance that he IS here and my sis hasn't had time to call yet...

I have talked to her several times... when she was bored, when she was starving and dreaming of a taquito, when she was just wishing it was all over. As a mommy who has never been through all day labor (and ya don't hear me complaining - I'm not sad to miss out on that!), I tried to say what I imagined she wanted to hear.... like, I'll find someone to bring you a taquito as soon as possible... yeah, this sucks.... what can I do for you? ;)

But I'm leaving work, it's almost 7:45, and no word. Boo!!! I promise to keep you updated. Going HOME!!

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