Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Isn't this cool?

Look how cool this is! (I know, I know, I'm prob the last to see this... so humor me.) I just typed in my bloggy address and this site made a word collage based on what I talk about! The bigger the word, the more often I say it, so.... we all knew I talked about pirates way too much, but this proves it! And apparently I say 'amazing' and 'cute' alot... G-man has a big presence, but it's a bummer because people with 2 names (i.e. Big Sis, Mr. Fix-It and Mrs. Everything) don't really show up quite as well, ya know?

Wanna make yours? Try it at wordle. You can even just type in a bunch of words and let it make you a collage. This could be addicting, if you have some spare time... ;) See what I mean? I ended up letting it 'randomize' to see it a few more ways... and okay, I'm going to bed!


Miss Priss' Momma said...

I will count "every" as me ;)even though that probably slants it just a bit! And obviously Fix-It showed up... and even bigger than pirates, so we know you love J more than pirates.. hee hee.

I think you should spend today doing mindless etsy seraching... for me and for you... screw work, it will be there on Monday! And besides, I think you've met your "workable hour" quota a LONG time ago... like last month!

Rebecca said...

I am so glad you found this. I have tried googling it but can't find the proper search words.

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