Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I don't do pretentious

I like nice things, I do. And I've worked hard to get some nice things in my life. But.... my parents are super down-to-earth, hard working, real people. Ditto for my sweet in-laws. And maybe that's why I just don't get the attitude that sometimes comes with money.

So, why this rant?

This weekend, Mr. Fix-It was a groomsman in a wedding at a super classy country club in OKC. THE. Country. Club. Of country clubs. If you know the area, you know it. It might rhyme with Schmallardia. Maybe. I'm just saying.

Anyway, Fri afternoon we met my mom in OKC and she took the kiddos that last hour north to her house. We picked up Mr. Fix-It's tux (I'll have to locate some pics, he looked hand-some! My MIL had her camera, so I'll grab some from her). Anyway, we decided to head to Schmallardia since we didn't know how long it would take us to get there, didn't want to be late, etc. We'd get dressed and settle at the bar for an overpriced drink and appetizer before the big rehearsal.

As we drove in, the homes were everything we expected them to be. Homes are our hobby, you know, and living in the Dallas area affords us tons of opportunity to peek in on this same type of living. We gawked a bit and headed into the Clubhouse.

We wandered in and found a man wearing a suit who we assumed could point us in the direction of the bar. He asked us if we were there for rehearsal, we asked him where this elusive bar was located. He hesitated.... then asked if he could get us something - a water or a coke. You see.... the bar is for:

WTF?! (Excuse this pic... I took a pic of the ACTUAL SIGN that was posted everytime you turned around, but it's on my phone and I'm not techy so I don't know how to get it from phone to blog.)

After I tried to keep my eyes from rolling straight outta my head, I told him we'd love some water. ;) He returned with these:

because apparently the real glasses are for members only as well.

Pompass asses.

Seriously, when Mr. Fix-It and I are rich ;) we won't be any different than we are today. Which is nice to strangers. And inclusive. Even if you're not rich like us. (But maybe we won't be nice if you're stupid.... then you probably DO deserve a little attitude!)

The evening did get better - we left the grounds for the actual rehearsal dinner. And the wedding was lovely - beautiful bride, amazing detail at the reception.... but the wedding day provided for even more pretentious crap. Still to come. ;)


Miss Priss' Momma said...

"Daddy always said, an ounce of pretention is worth a pound of manure."
~ Steel Magnolias

Erin said...

Oh have no idea how much I can relate to this. We see A LOT of this stuff in CT and it drives me batty! It's a thin line up here between well-off and downright snobby. Luckily, my parents raised me right. Sounds like yours' did the same with you. :)


Becky said...

One thing money can't buy is class. Ugh, how entirely obnoxious.

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