Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The umbrella

I'm breathing easier today! Our umbrella (aka Mawgaw to Big Sister, mom to Mr. Fix-It, and my amazing mom-in-law!) has arrived. It's amazing how much better I felt last night, just knowing she was on her way from OK.

So... to catch you up from yesterday's post (sorry to leave you hanging!), everyone's health had gone downhill last week and we'd ended up with the following diagnosis, after Mr. Fix-It took the kids to the ped:

Mr. Fix-It: the flu! Poor guy, he was so miserable!

G-man: bronchiolitis (RSV) and perhaps the beginning of asthma. Poor baby! He's back to 4 breathing treatments a day and a steriod (which we're only going to give him in the morning to attempt to skip out on the sleepless weeks and 'roid rages we experienced last round!) He can go back to school if/when daycare can administer the breathing treatments!

Big Sister: she just tagged along with her fever... and it's a good thing she did! She has strep and one of her ear tubes appears to be blocked. She wins a ticket to the ENT with me this afternoon.

But my mom-in-law is here, which means Mr. Fix-It and I can both be at work and I'm guessing we'll come home to something yummy for dinner. Thank God for family - we're truly blessed....

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