Saturday, February 14, 2009

Strep throat - again. Or still. Whatever...

Yep! When I said Big Sister was confused last night and kept getting up... I didn't mention that she was also really hoarse (she's a hoarse little kiddo anyway). Well, by mid-morning, she was complaining that her mouth hurt, so when we looked at her throat... damn, it was bright red. So, off to the ped, who told us that, in fact, Big Sister does have strep throat again. Or still. She's 3 days off her antibiotics from the last strep outbreak.

So, on the negative side, it's not looking good for our sweet little Valentine's dinner with the Everythings. No one is more bummed than Big Sister, who cried herself to sleep over it at naptime.

But because I'm trying to be positive... I'm just thankful this happened on a Saturday. And that the doc cleared her for daycare on Monday. That's a pretty big deal....

So, Mrs. Everything, if you read this.... I'm bummed! Let's figure out when we CAN get together... and when we're going to go to that girly movie.

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