Monday, February 2, 2009

Some relief!

Well, after 40 days and 40 nights, it's still raining.... but we just got handed an umbrella!

What am I talking about that's of Biblical measure? Kids and their sickies! Ugh!!! Literally, the you-know-what hit the fan 40 days ago.... and our life (and sleep patterns!) haven't been the same since!

The baby, little G-man, first got sick on Christmas Eve.... spent his first Christmas just miserable. (Did I mention we had 10 house guests?? And some great memories, but today they're overshadowed by all the illness memories. I'll have to try to post about the 'good Christmas' later.) By the day after Christmas, he was wheezing and it was RSV, the most feared 'super-bug' of all daycare bugs by all moms I know. Two rounds of meds and 4 breathing treatments a day and he almost had it shaken... he was put on a steriod to finish it off, and bam! Just like that, no sleep - night OR day! - for 2 wks. For any of us. Even Big Sister.

About an hour after he got over that, we had him put in a helmet to fix the flat spot on his big noggin (he has plagiocephaly - flat noggin syndrome)! It took him 5 long, painful nights to adjust to sleeping in that thing, and I really don't blame the poor guy.

Meanwhile, Big Sister takes a nasty fall (running to time out at daycare, I might add) and bites THRU her lip. As in you can see daylight thru the nasty gash. Poor baby, it appears she got my grace. And this on the night before we celebrate her 3rd birthday at Great Wolf Lodge with the Friends-We-Do-Everything-With (the Everythings) and their precious daughter P.

I would fast forward to now, but I'm exhausted with that account... I'll get on later with an update of the current state of affairs.... and God, if you're listening.... thanks for the umbrella. (I'm imagining that it's that really cute Coach one I saw a girl carrying the other day....)

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