Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Reader

Okay, so when you only go to the movies 2-3 times a year, there's all this pressure for the movie to be really good. And for us, that usually means an Oscar-nominated is a big, fat waste of time. Case in point:

So, my parents were in town from OK for the weekend, and we got the rare opportunity for a free babysitter! (We're in a recession, remember, people?) So, off we head to the movies... instead of going to the one near us, we had to go to the one in the mall, because we had cashed in credit card rewards for AMC movie tickets (again, the effects of the damn recession). The mall is annoying because the traffic is bad and I get really scared about Big Sister ever becoming a teenager.... the girls wear THE shortest skirts and I can't describe to you the teenage makeout sessions. Ewww....

We were going to see Taken, a thriller/mystery about a kidnapping with that girl Shannon from "Lost".... but we couldn't use our 'reward' tickets on it, so we had to pick a movie starting at the same time that was available to us.... We'd both heard of The Reader, it's about the war in Germany, concentration camps, etc... it's nominated for awards, I like Kate Winslet.... I FELL ASLEEP, if that tells you anything. Granted, I'm beyond exhausted lately, but 30 min in, I was already fighting a nap. It was okay.... I'm just saying.... it made me contemplate just snoozing for 2 (un-interrupted!) hours... The last movie we saw was Madagascar 2 with Big Sister, and I liked it better. What has happened to me?
I'll be back later to show you the semi-homemade Valentine's I'm going to whip up for Big Sister and G-man's classes at school...

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