Saturday, February 14, 2009

And antibiotics save the day!

So, why didn't we think of it earlier? After debating with Mrs. Everything thru the afternoon... about whether or not they should bring their daughter P (Miss Priss) over for our v-day dinner... it occurs to her. P is actually on a stronger antibiotic than Big Sister. So, she's safe! Thank goodness....

So, let me back up.... the day started out with Mr. Fix-It coming home to the mini-muffins that Big Sister and I baked for him. Aww.... ;)

The kiddos got clothes for Valentine's from us (don't judge - we're in a recession, okay?) and toys from their grandmothers (so, see? It all works out!)
The Everythings came over and thank God the Everythings are who they are. Meaning 3 of us had just stepped out of baths/showers and the house looked just slightly better than chaotic. And for some reason, for them - and only them - it doesn't matter to me. As much. ;) And just look what Mrs. Everything brought me.
Awwww, just made my evening! I love, love tulips and I've been telling Mrs. E forever that maybe, just maybe, if I had one of those Aqua Globes from tv, I could keep a plant alive. Because I have the blackest of thumbs. I'll have to let y'all know how it goes...

Anyway, the Everythings brought yummy steaks and we threw in some baked potatoes and Big Sister and I's heart shaped cookie became a heart shaped brownie, due to a lack of oats for the oatmeal choc chip (dairy free) recipe we had in mind. (And fyi... I'll do a post sooner or later about living dairy free... but Ghiradelli makes the best dairy free brownie mix. You can't even tell!)
Happy Valentine's day to the Everythings and all of you!

See how much fun the daddies had? I just had to share! ;)

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