Friday, February 27, 2009

C25K update and other Friday night ramblings...

Y'all. I just jogged for 25. straight. minutes. I'm still breathing hard. I love running!! When I'm done. And I still haven't decided if I'm totally impressed with myself or completely embarassed by how lame my Fri nights have become. Either way. And AGAIN, I had to remind myself that I am not, in fact, a rapper. I don't have on gold chains, don't go by the name Ice-mom or E-pain or any of that. But I do love some rap to make me forget how much I don't enjoy jogging.

What happened to movie night with Mrs. Everything, you ask? Well.... my brother in Dallas had great tix to the Mavs game tonight (that's basketball, for all you girly girls who don't know!) so I told Mr. Fix-It he could go with him. Because I'm an amazing wife. ;) And for the record, we're still going to the movies. Tomorrow. I think.

Alright, time for dairy-free talk. For those of you who don't know, g-man has a milk allergy and (because I'm still nursing him), I cannot have any dairy. Big Sister had the same issue, but in a much less sensitive way. With her, I avoided cheese, milk, yogurt. It sucked but was totally doable. With G-man, I must read every label. If there is milk or milk protein or any of a million words that mean milk... I can't have it. So you can imagine how void my life is (just kidding! well, kinda...) and how excited I get when I find foods I can actually eat.

Case in point... have y'all had these chips and just not told me about them?

I hope not! YUMMY! If you're a fan of thai, you'll love 'em! I ate almost the whole bag this wk (it's a small bag.... full of air, mostly.... okay, I ate the whole bag!) Try them!! I'm guessing they're hard to find because I was at a somewhat fancier grocery store (getting free antibiotics for g!), but I'll try to look around.

And soon I'll get around to sharing my dairy-free oatmeal choc chip cookie recipe. Amazing. I just pulled some cookies out of the oven now. Since I jogged, I can have some. Right? ;)

Okay, time to do some etsy window shopping... I'm looking for some birds to finish up Big Sister's room. Here are a couple I'm looking at so far....

Happy weekend, y'all!

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