Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Sis" and "ter"

LOL! That's how Big Sister learned to say "sister" instead of "sTister!"

My sister totally made my day (week?!) last week. She sent me one of those cute square hallmark cards.... it has kids with raincoats on, holding hands and carrying lunch boxes. I tried to find it, but this pic gives you the gist....

Anyway, on the inside, it says something super appropriate to the humor my sis and I have:

We'll be fine as long as we've got each other --
and plenty of snacks!

And in it, she said some sweet, encouraging things and included a giftcard to Sonic (man, I have an addiction to vanilla diet cokes during happy hour! It's a serious problem... Hi, I'm Elaine and I love sonic.)

Isn't that the best? Funny thing is.... my shit hit the fan on Sunday, so she sent that on Monday.... and hers hit the fan on Tuesday and I emailed her, telling her I wanted to help and what could I do? Send a sonic gift card? And funny, one was on the way to me.

And that's why I hope Big Sister gets a little sister someday... (oh, and I ended up sending her a piece of cheesecake from The Factory!!)

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