Friday, February 27, 2009

If today wasn't Friday....

I'd quit my job. That's a saying one of my best galpals and I used to say to each other. Every. Friday. We were working together at our first jobs after college. And oh, what we didn't know then. Neither of us were married, no kids.... probably the most pressing issue was how we could get promoted and what we were wearing out that night. The old days...

Fast forward to now. And the reasons why I'm thankful it's Friday:

1. G-man was up all night. With a piercing, horror movie scream. I honestly don't know how the kid does it. His Big Sister never tried to pull anything like this. That boy is dra-matic! What was his issue? Not exactly sure, but it went something like this... when I gave him baby orajel, it was his ear hurting... and when I tried the ear drops, it must have been his teeth. This momma is tired.

2. Girl time! Mrs. Everything and I are going to try to hit up a movie tonight.... the Shopaholic one or He's Just Not That into You.... Opinions, anyone?

3. I'm really, really looking forward to a weekend that isn't jam packed (especially since we all know my to-do list is so long that it never gets 1/2 done anyway!) Big Sister is really looking forward to going to church, something we've been totally sporadic about since... forever. So, we'll indulge her on this, I suppose. ;)

And one thing I'm not so much looking forward to, but MUST do. Workout #3 on week 6 of my c25k..... Tomorrow morning, my treadmill awaits.

Thanks to everyone for the great comments/emails on g's Semi-homemade nursery. Be on the lookout for Big Sister's Semi-homemade big kid room!


Tiffany said...

He's just not that into you!!! Loved it! The line-up is great and unfortunately reminded me of things I did during my "dating" years! It's kind of long but worth it! Have fun!

YaYa said...

If some people would give me a little notice, they just MIGHT have a free babysitter so two women that desperately need some time together without kiddo's and hubbie's could do something. I think this YaYa could handle three little ones for an evening. Just think about it...Big Sister had a great time at my house when G-Man was being born!

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