Friday, June 18, 2010

Teacups and Vintage Cars

OMG, I heart HL.  I could go every week.  And stay for an hour.  And dream up all kinds of stuff I'd do.  Like my friend said... I like Hobby Lobby because it makes me think I could do anything!  :)  So true...

So, I took my sweet lil shopper with me (the sick G-man shopped at HL for an hour like a champ!  Love that boy!)... and we scooped up lots of deals!

This teacup is actually from a quick trip to HL last weekend (how could I be so lucky to go twice in a wk?  It had been AGES since I'd been there... I think my credit card could tell you I made up for it!)  IF we do the Madhatter themed room for Big Sis, I just know I could put a stuffed white rabbit doll in this or something!  (And if not, I figured that... btwn Big Sis, a niece and Mrs. Everything's 2 girls... someone will have a tea party birthday!)

Last weekend, we also found a new desk for the Summer House.  Neither our home office desk or the kids' desk would fit in the Summer House, so we set out to find something to put our computer on that we would actually use in the New House.  This is kinda a console table turned desk.  :)

And just look - one of my favorite details!

Fleur de lis... love it!

G-man actually found this.  It was in the clearance section, behind a few things... but he saw it and started saying Mommy, truck...truck...truck... on and on until I looked.  He was so excited about it... how could I not get it?  That boy LOVES his trucks.  So, I need to pull together all my inspirations, but it looks like G's new bedroom will be Vintage Trucks.  (Oh, and there were 2, so I scored 'em both!)

Now, G-man went positively insane over the next 3 items.  He told everyone in HL that he had trucks in our cart.  He pointed to them and repeated truck until they looked.  That boy.... obsessed!  :)


More trucks!  I'm starting to picture it all... Black furniture (like Sissy's).... Navy and red bedding (maybe stripes with small white stripes in there!)  Maybe paint and beadboard like his last room (hey, if it ain't broke!)  Or bold paint of some kind with that bright white contrast.  I'm not sold on it being red... more to come on this new big boy room!

And then all these fun trucks!  (Did I mention I got all 3 for less than $20?)

Happy weekend, y'all!  Mine is about to start - we're heading to OK for the weekend. 



Resisting Perfection said...

I WISH we had a hobby lobby where we live! It looks so neat. I love the vintage truck theme, can't wait to see what you do at the new house.

c o u r t n e y said...

Such great finds!! I had never heard of Hobby Lobby until reading your blog and I am super jealous I don't have one of those places here in Oregon! Boooo!! I could really go crazy there, just like you! I am in LOVE with your new console table/desk!

Seersucker Scrapper said...

I love it all! I wish we had HL here in the northeast.

What great finds!

Sasha said...

Love the truck stuff! You need to come to my HL and help me pick out stuff- it's basically in my work parking lot! Did you know that? Along with Chic Fil A!

C. Beth said...

Wow, that room is going to be so adorable!!

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