Thursday, June 17, 2010

Does this guy look sick?

Yeah, I don't think so either....

but if you'd been around here lately....

 you'd think otherwise. 

He caught the stomach bug from his Sissy.... she had it Sat-Tues... then G took his turn yesterday.  I got "that call" from school... the dreaded one... where they informed me he'd had 4 loose diapers (3 is the max, but I guess 3 and 4 were so close they couldn't even get me called!) and had gone thru all his backup clothes.  Ewww... poor bubba!

So I spent the day at home with him, and it was the best I've ever spent with a sick kiddo.  As a working mom, it's strange.... missing work with a sick kiddo is beyond stressful.  But getting some weekday time (when everything seems slower!) with your kid is so rare and precious.  Today, G-man was so cuddly and lovey and playful.... (AND he shopped at Hobby Lobby with me for an hour and was perfect, lol!  Don't worry, I'll share my finds soon!) 


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Tiffany said...

I'm sorry G-man was sick...but so happy you guys got some one on one time. I (weird to say?) love sick days in the middle of the week...don't get me wrong...just as long as the kid isn't real sick...I just think it's such a special time between a mommy and her kid. Hope he's feeling better!

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