Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good bye, June!

And hello, July!

I have to say... I'm so glad to see June go.

In fact, I'm soooo over June.
*I haven't done one.single fun and crafty and semi-homemade 4th of July anything!
*I'm not into vampires.  Sorry, I'm just not.  I watched one of the twilight movies (I think the 2nd one?) and I wasn't a fan.  Everyone tells me I should read the books.  I can't even find the time to read the back of a cereal box! ;)
*June has been full of disappointments in the new.home.building.department.... making life in the Summer House either....  I was hoping to have good news to share today, but nope! 
*My blogging has been zero.  Once the house stuff gets sorted out, I have plenty to say!  And I'm in the middle of planning a couple birthday parties, so stay tuned!
*I hate washing dishes.  They are actually under Mr. Fix-It's chore list.  ;)  Okay... so it was my brilliant idea to give him this gift for father's day... and, for the record, he LOVED it!  I told him I'd wash dishes for the ENTIRE.MONTH.OF.JUNE.  Come on, July!  This is killing me! ;)
*I can't handle one more illness!  The first 4 weeks in the Summer House consisted of FOUR illnesses!  Both kids had a stomach bug and G-man had 2 sinus/ear infections.  In fact, G-man had a couple right before we moved, and he has now earned himself a trip to the ENT!

A quick note because I don't want you to think July was ALL bad. 
*Last Sat, we went out with the Everythings to celebrate Mrs. Everything's birthday.  And oh.goodness!  To say we had too much fun would be like saying I hate to do dishes.  It's a gross understatement.  We saw a group called the Spazmatics... and we danced our faces off. ;)  For several days after, I felt like I'd been in a car accident - I was sore everywhere.  But it was worth the pain.  Ha!

*We really HAVE already come closer as a family in the Summer House.  We're spending more time together in this smaller space and it's nice!  And it doesn't hurt that the Summer House is super close to one of those fun yogurt places that are all the rage!

But here's to July!
*Soon, we're headed to San Diego for my family's reunion and we're doing so many fun things!  Including a trip to the San Diego Zoo!

*G-man turns 2 in July and just wait til you see his Semi-Homemade Vintage Truck party!
*And of course, there's the 4th of July celebrations with the Everythings.
Cheers to a good month!  (Doesn't hurt to hope, right?!)  :)


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Tiffany said...

Awe I hope July is mucho better for you!!! Oh and the Twilight thing...ya you most def have to read the books's not that we particularly love the's the characters from the books we love :)

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