Saturday, March 6, 2010

Semi-Homemade Girly Bedroom Concept #1: A Mad Hatter's Tea Party

I was originally going to share with you the millions of ideas I have come up with or come across for Alice in Wonderland parties... but.... as I thought about it more and more, I've decided:
Alice in Wonderland is a contender in the next theme for Big Sis's room!
What do y'all think? I'm going to brainstorm other ideas, too... Show you some of the details.... then maybe I'll set up a vote! ;) What's funny is, I swore to myself before I ever became a mother, that I'd never.ever.eva! do one of my child's rooms in character. But... this is kinda character couture, dontcha think? ;)

And so... concept #1..... Big Sis in Wonderland!

The inspiration:
Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton, in theaters now

The color palette:
What's awesome about this theme is how the color palette plays into Big Sis's current bedding perfectly. Woo hoo! This takes the pink & green from her bedding... color scheme from Paper Presence!
But this adds the dimension of color I want... the purple and blue that are totally necessary...

The walls:

Y'all know how much I love vinyl decals for a big bang for your buck! Lil Decal Shoppe has the cutest stuff! Like this big Alice decal

and these chess pieces! So cute, marching around the room! (Also found some fun teacups that could also be set up to parade across a room, too!)

Oh, and then you can customize the room (y'all know how much I love that!) with this decal from Personal Touches

It almost seems necessary to have a big tree decal in a corner... but it would have to be really dense, if that makes sense... and almost dark... maybe too scary! ;)

The new Alice movie is so vibrant and bold.... I'm thinking I'd want to incorporate lots of color on the walls.... and her hot pink/lime green bedding (which I don't have plans to replace yet!) would work in perfectly. Still brainstorming on details like chair rails, bead board, anything as a wall interest!
The furniture:
Teacup nightstand ~ I'm waiting to hear back from Donna on where to find these giant unpainted teacups.... I'm picturing painting them vibrant colors... (love the Cheshire cat one!) and then putting a tabletop on it.... as a nightstand or something! Check out the amazing Mad Hatter Tea Party she threw - love it! Here's the inspiration for the teacup nightstand:

Read me bookshelf: I love all the fun phrases in the movie! I've been thinking I'd get a (cheap!) black bookshelf for her room.... and put a vinyl decal on the side that says Read me! (a play off Eat me and Drink me!) To give you an idea, here's what I'm thinking, shown on my armoire...

A simple decal on a closet door and the closet is playing along, too! This is Big Sis's current closet.... Alice'ed up to say Dress me! (Don't ya love that font? With a viney, fantasy look?)

The repurposed table & chair set: Remember this set from Big Sis's current pink & green preppy room?

Imagine if I... spraypainted it all Cheshire Cat pink. Painted light pink stripes on the table legs. Then got a decal of the Cheshire Cat's infamous grin... to put on the tabletop? So cute!

The accessories:
I'm picturing fun throw pillows with lots of the catch phrases from the movie. Like "curiouser and curiouser!" Maybe "Dream This" (again, as a play on the "Eat this" and "Drink this" phrases). Appliqued white rabbits, pocket watches.... or maybe a set of 4 pillows, art prints of a heart, club, spade, diamond! These pillows would be cute in hot pink & lime green!
And you can find anything on Amazon... like this cute, plush Cheshire Cat.

The bedding: You could go over-the-top on bedding....
But we're going to stay with color-as-a-theme bedding that we already have! (At least until the next house...)
The lighting: last but certainly not least!

I found a very similar (maybe this exact!) chandalier last weekend when Mrs. Everything and I went to Canton. How perfect is it?

Lamps: I'd either try to fashion a lampshade out of a Mad Hatter's hat... :) or repurpose what we have to say Light me!

So..... what do ya think of this Alice in Wonderland themed bedroom?
The pros (as I see it):
Super fun
Super unique
The cons:
Too trendy (but don't forget, we only have to live with this for 2 yrs!)
Too loud (but we like loud!?)
Too character-y (anyone buying my idea of character couture?)

And for those just getting to know me.... my hubby is a builder and we move about every 2 years. I loooove decorating, esp kids' rooms, and if I had enough time and money, I'd go all out and do 1 of the kids' rooms every year. As in, over-the-top. But, I'm limited on both time & money, so I get creative and do it all semi-homemade!


3LittleByrds said...

I love this and think it would look great,especially if it's only for 2 yrs. I totally want to see this if you go with it when we move to Dallas.

The Miss' Momma said...

Look for the tea cups in the garden section of HD, WM, etc... I know I've seen some big ones... maybe last year, maybe this year.

I say go for it! You can pull in the purple too ;) I knew we should've bought that chandy!!!

Natalie said...

I say go for it. You don't have to live with it forever. Alice is a classic story.

And you can get ALL the characters in a plush toy at the Disney STore right now.

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

as soon as I get a sec, I want to update the color palette! I went to bed last night thinking about how this post doesn't show all the color I'm visioning... it needs fushia and a dark turq!

Love the comments - keep em coming!

*kimmie* said...

SO fun, and I love the bright color palatte! Can't wait to see your incredible ideas in action!

c o u r t n e y said...

I love all of this Elaine!! Oh my gosh, it's brilliant... the more I scrolled down I just kept saying " Yes! Oh yes! That is perfect!! "
Have you ever thought about putting a "secret door" in her new room? Since you are designing the house it's kind of easy to build something into a closet or even like into a crawl space so it's little... my parents were homebuilders and I had a " secret room " in one of our houses when I was 7 and it was my all time favorite place. Can't wait to see more ideas you come up with and chat about them!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

I LOVE it!!!!! I have seen the big tea cups at Lowes and Garden Ridge!

C. Beth said...

Totally adorable.

Funny though--when I saw the big Alice decal I thought it said "Courvousier" (sp?) not "Curiouser." And it seemed a little inappropriate to have the name of a liquor on your daughter's wall. Ha ha ha.

Lori said...

LOVE it! You have to do it! Yes, it is a little "charactery", but like you said, you will get to do something different in 2 years or so! It would be different if you were planning a room for her to grow into a teenager in, but for your purposes, this would be great!

Anonymous said...

That is FABULOUS! I am with you...never been a big "character" fan but this was just way too cute! xoxo

Sasha said...

Elaine- you are amazing! I need to post a pic of my bedroom wall I need help with. 10 years later... it still looks sad!

Shawna said...

love it!!! my daughter has a tea party theme in her room and it still works (she is almost 6).......

s.lange said...

cute ideas for furniture!

Kat said...

I love what you've compiled for the room - it looks great. They are only the age to enjoy it once so go for it! If my next baby ( due in Jan ) is a girl, Alice will be appearing on her nursery walls. It's such a fun theme and so many possibilities. Just wondered if you'd like to check out the Alice in Wonderland scrapbook I have listed on Ebay. It's the first installment, with more pages to come. Hope you like it and best of luck with the room decorating. Feel free to mention it to any other Alice lovers that you know.
Item number: 260652434896
Yours with admiration for all things Alice, Kat

Anonymous said...

I love your daughter's bedroom - VERY imaginative and colorful. Where did you find the vinyl lettering for "read me, light me and dress me"?

Donna Chapman said... this might help

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