Monday, June 21, 2010

Birthday Parties!

Looking for birthday party ideas?  Tip Junkie has been featuring all kinds of fun party themes and today the theme was PIRATES!  Well... you know.... we might be known for our pirate obssession. ;)

G-man's 1st birthday, the Pirate Birthday Bash is featured as #5 (but pictured as #6 - they work too hard over there, so I don't blame 'em for having a hard time keeping it all straight!)

Be sure to visit Tip Junkie for ideas on parties for boys, girls, tweens and teens!



Puzzling Poster said...

You are an exceptional party planner. My wife poined out the sugarplum party as we're hoping to throw something similar in December for our little girl. Consider me a new dad blogger follower.

Resisting Perfection said...

Thanks for the tip. My daughter's Minnie Mouse 2nd birthday is next month and I need a few more ideas to set it over the top :)

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