Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Day in TEXAS

Or what I was doing while management was in MY meeting. (I'm over it, I promise. Okay, I'm mostly over it. I'll BE over it after happy hour on Thurs. And again on Fri.)

Quiz: Is G-man crying because:
a) he was forced to wear his sister's coat when his mysteriously disappeared?
b) he hates the snow - that's why he lives in TX, damnit!?
c) he took 1 step in the snow and face planted? (okay, I can't help but giggle. sorry, g-man!)
d) all of the above

You know it's always, always d!!! Poor g....

Seriously, Big Sis was out to impress! mr. fix-it said, roll a snowball for a snowman... and she did it like it was part of her regular day. You go, Southern girl!

The finished product! Frosty with his new friends, the Semi-Homemades. And yes... Frosty is an Oklahoma State fan (go, pokes!) He's sporting his o-state cowboy hat and scarf! (And that's popcorn from Mom and Popcorn for his eyes and mouth, lol!)

Big Sis making snow angels. We got a FOOT of snow! A foot! Which means that Big Sis could do snow angels and not even sink to the ground - crazy!

She convinced daddy that HE needed to do snow angels, too... lol....

G-man was watching safely from his post on the porch. That boy did NOT like the snow. He must get that from his momma. And he's trying to pull off that manly hat to combat his pink & grey plaid peacoat.... I'm still laughing. ;)

The snow missed us today - woo hoo! And seriously, I have a call in to Spring and she better be on the way stat. But we'll always remember this snow day... in more ways than one! What a fun day with my kiddos!


C. Beth said...

Aww, poor guy! (*giggle*)

3LittleByrds said...

Those pics are too cute. We'll definately have to get together. Our girls seem alot alike. I heard it snowed in some areas today again. Crazy huh.

Natalie said...

Doesn't he know he looks so cute in pink? He can totally pull it off.

My kids are always excited when we get snow. For the first day. Then they're totally over it & could care less about being cold & wet.

We live in the South. We're built for humidity & sun; not he snow & cold. I have never been more ready for flip flops in my life.

Kelly said...

Poor g-man.....heehee! I like snow for about 5 minutes, and then I am so over it! This has been a crazy winter! Bring on SPRING!!! =)

Seersucker Scrapper said...

I can't believe how much snow TX has had this year. It probably won't happen again for like 20 years.

Big Sis will have some great memories!

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

Debbie - for sure! Would love to get together with you! I know this move won't be easy but I just know you'll like TX! :)

I'm so with all y'all when you say enough all ready with winter! YUCK!

But... I like that, thinking of it in terms of making good memories - so true! So, memories? Check. On to summer!

Becky said...

I couldn't help but giggle at g-man's plight, too. Both the peacoat and the face-plant. :-)

My favorite is when my kids are all bundled up, a la the little "I can't put my arms down" kid in A Christmas Story - and they fall over in the snow. And stay that way, because of course they can't move in all that gear. LOLs! I know it's kind of cruel to laugh at them, but it is so hilarious. They get over it pretty quickly, anyway. Builds character, right? ;-)

Heather said...

These pictures are so cute! love them! I wish we would have gotten some of this snow, but alas we didn't!! Dern it! Poor little G, he is so cute!

*kimmie* said...

Hahaha, LOVE those pictures of GMan! Poor little guy, but his hat is pretty awesome!

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