Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Year, New.... SHOES!

Mr. Fix-It and I actually had a sitter Sat evening... and wanted to do a little shopping at the mall (without kids, it's so enjoyable!) before my birthday dinner!

But I didn't get THESE shoes.... (this isn't the greatest pic, but these are seriously cute shoes!)

Nope, instead, why did I end up spending way too much time at Stride Rite, trying to make an exchange for some shoes that would actually fit G-man? (Apparently, size 7 extra wide are elusive.) The store had one pair of shoes in his size, in the whole store. And they were ugly. ;)

So.... shoebuy.com and ebates to the rescue! I was able to score these shoes:

for $30, by the time it was all said and done! I had a $10 off coupon... AND they have free shipping (I seriously hate paying for shipping... and usually won't!).... AND I got 10% back thru ebates. Haven't heard of ebates, the site that PAYS YOU TO SHOP??? Email me and let me give you my personal email addy... and when you sign up and make a purchase, they'll give us both an extra $5! It's so easy!

G-man could literally wake up any day and his current shoes won't fit, so it's a good thing these new kicks are on the way. And hopefully he'll outgrow this EXTRA wide thing.... before he needs his 3rd pair of shoes! (I'm positive that, by this age, Big Sis had worn at least 20 pairs of shoes!)


Together We Save said...

Love the heels... very cute.

MaryBeth said...

G-man sounds like my oldest. He is wearing a 13 extra wide right now. I usually go to Stride rite and get measured, but they rarely have the size he needs or if they do the shoes are UGLY so I usually get them online. Sounds like you got a good deal! Love the black shoes too...

Lucy said...

Love the black ladies heels!, where can i get a pair of these? They would be great for a casual meal out or a night dancing!

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