Thursday, February 18, 2010

Runners - I need your help! (c25k update)

Y'all! Just look at what mr. fix-it got me for Valentine's day!

Now, before you get ready to stone him, just know.... this is what I wanted!! And I got him new running shoes as well.

We went to Run On (love that store!) where I had purchased my last running shoes. An embarassingly long, long time ago. (With 2 kids and a recession, mom's shoes just hadn't made the priority list. Possibly for 3 years. Maybe. Yikes!) They watched me walk, we talked about my jogging, etc, etc. I've been wearing asics and loving them. But this saucony pair was feeling even better, so I thought I'd try them out this time.

Okay, here's the deal..... I've jogged in them twice now, and I'm getting a blister. It's on the inner middle part of my foot, if that makes sense - kinda the arch...? So, the question is - will I get past this? Or do I need to take them back and get the asics?

C25k update: I'm excited to announce that this is week 9 of the c25k - I am one run away from graduating the program! (For the 3rd time!) :) Starting next week, I'll add 1/4 mile each week. Woo hoo!! This has been the hardest c25k for me (it hasn't gotten easier as faster), but I'm proud of myself for hanging in there!

I'm on the lookout for new music, so leave me comments if you have any suggestions. Extra credit for rap or fun hip hop. ;) Extra, extra credit if you actually come to my house and put it on my ipod. Actually, if you did that, I'd take you to dinner. ;)

So, speaking of Valentine's day.....

Mr. Fix-it left for a gallon of milk Sun morning (before we headed to church and Big Sister's FIRST day of Sunday School!), and came back with...

Purple flowers for Big Sis, orange for G-man, and yellow for me! After church and nap, we did small valentines for the kiddos. A truck for G-man, mini MLP for Big Sis, some mnm's, and a couple tshirts (tied in tulle, of course!)

Big Sis loved this new tank! (Which was on sale at - I got it when ebates was doing 20% back!! WOW!)

Hope y'all had a sweet Valentine's Day!


Jackie S. said...

I think Running shoes is a GREAT gift!

Cornelia said...

Running musis:
Imma Be by the Blackeyed Peas
Forever by Drake
Carryout by Timbaland

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

my mil got mad when my hubby bought me a vacuum for a gift one time...but it was an awesome one and honestly i like things i can use too!
nice running shoes! sweet hubby

Becky said...

I think running shoes are a great gift, too! I don't think I can really call myself a runner (although I have managed to graduate the c25k workout a couple of times, most of the time I drop out at around week 4 or 5 and then pick it up again two months later...) but in my experience, any running shoes I've had that cause blisters don't get any better with time. Awhile back, I got a free sample of this blister patch thing that you can stick on to prevent blisters, but I guess whether or not it's worth the trouble would depend on how much you really love those shoes.

My workout playlist are mostly "Power Music" albums I've downloaded from iTunes. If you do a search on "Power Music", you'll probably come up with a lot of great ideas for workout songs. I've also found a couple of other good workout sites on the internet that have a lot of different playlists that are fun to browse through for ideas.

Jess said...

If you're getting a blister, I'd take them back to Run On and let them know what's happening. They could maybe put you in a different pair. I ran in New Balance my first half marathon (knees killed me) and I've ran in Saucony's ever since and even through a full marathon, no knee problems. So, I'll preach the greatness about Saucony's all day long (plus they are a brand owned by the Collective Brands company which is who Payless is owned by), but everyone's feet are different, so you have to get what works for you. Running music for me is pretty much anything from country to rap to rock (whatever keeps me motivated), but lately its all about rock - Nickelback, Shinedown, Saving Abel - all greatness!

Neely said...

I have the exact same shoes from run on! If you go there they will help you out. Give you something to put in the shoe :)

MaryBeth said...

I agree. Take the shoes back and let them know. We have a running specialty store that I've bought shoes at before and once with a new pair of shoes I got a blister. I took them back and they put a little patch in and it fixed the problem.

I think that's a nice gift!

Sandra said...

@c25k-That's awesome! It is hard, but I had to do it twice after my 3rd child! Now, I'm doing p90x and it's helped to improve my 5k time and I've lost 12 of the 37 lbs. I have left!!
Running shoes make great gifts around here!!!
I also love running to the Blackeyed Peas. I have one of the tempo cds from the Biggest Loser that's great, but got old quickly for me.
Good Luck!

Sasha said...

What did you decide to do about your shoes?

I got Mr. Sasha a dry fit golf shirt and the Zack Brown Band CD. And I bought myself a bunch of makeup from Sephora to me from Mr. Sasha.

Mama Laughlin said...

Yay! I'm your 100th follower!!!
New to the blog and i love love love it!
You have a beautiful family!

I have also just completed the c25k!
My first 5k is next weekend!
I loved the program and was glad I stuck with it as well!!!

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