Friday, February 12, 2010

Right now...

I am trying to calm myself. Before I respond. And say something I shouldn't. Now, don't get me wrong.... I want to put forth the maximum amount of frustration & pressure. Without going overboard. Ahh, when you're a working mom, it's all about balance. (And here you always thought they meant the balance between work life and home life!)

Let me catch you up. We have a foot of snow in my north-of-dallas suburb. Today I had a can't-miss-meeting at work... a twice a year review with upper UPPER managment. Today Mr. Fix-It also had a can't-miss-meeting at work.... his annual review and meeting with his VP.

All night I worried about what we'd do with the kiddos today. Schools are closed. Mrs. Everything is at home with two feverish little girls, so that option is out. Our babysitter is snowed in, 45 min north of us. I was considering calling another preschool mom to see if she could take my 2 kids for a few hours - but hoping not to have to leave my kids with an adult they don't know well.

But this morning, the decision was made: no meeting. They'd push it back to next week because 2 key players (myself included) couldn't make it in. (Did I mention that all area schools are closed and most people aren't working today?!)

I was elated! But shocked. Picture my job... in an industry that most closely resembles...
Okay, my industry might actually BE The Devil Wears Prada. It's intense and usually stops for no one. Instead of leaving work early yesterday to get home before the roads got bad... we all worked like crazy and left at 6. But I have a new buyer and she's actually... well rounded. She made this happen.
I decided to take a day off from stressing about work. We played outside. Built an OSU snowman (go, pokes!) Made snow angels. Had a snowball fight. Mr. Fix-It left for his meeting and we settled in for a day at home.
The kids are napping, I just got off the treadmill... time to work. So imagine my FURY when I read my email to find out that the can't-miss-meeting is back on! And starts... in 10 min. Wow. The other missing player and I have spent the last 10 months putting everything we have into this business. Missing out on time with our families, their events - big and small - to put the business back on track. Then "they" retract the original decision and take away our only opportunity (until 6 months from now!) to tell the big guys the strategies we've put into place. The success we've started to see. Our plans for the future. That's wrong.
It's days like this that I struggle more than usual with the position I'm in. And now... the meeting has started. My kids are waking up. And I'm going to try to forget about this and go make cookies with them. (I didn't realize this rant would be so long. Thanks for listening and letting me scream! )


Jess said...

I feel your pain, although I don't have little ones at home. I still feel your pain. Because even without kids, I do have a life outside of work, but work sometimes thinks that the only lives we lead are our work lives. It is 3:40 on a Friday afternoon and I am waiting on a meeting to start that was supposed to start at 1:00. Frustrating, but when the "upper" people are involved, they're definitely not worrying about a little person like me! Enjoy the time with your kids, the snow you rarely get to play in there in North Texas, the 3 day weekend you weren't planning on getting and realize that work will be there waiting for you on Monday! :) from Jess here in good ol' KS!

Erin said...

Oh Elaine...I'm so sorry! The decision to go on with the meeting seems ridiculously unfair. And quite stupid in the midst of such a big snowstorm.

Put it out of your mind as best you can and enjoy a fun snow day. Make some cocoa...and add a little something 'special' to yours!

Hugs to you! Erin

The Miss' Momma said...

Oh my sweet, sweet friend! I cannot believe that they still had the meeting! Though I wish you would've called. LC was home and one of us could've come over to stay with R and G.

I know it's hard, but remember - it's just work. It will be there tomorrow, and the next day, and the next... easier said than done. I KNOW R will remember this day with you and want to recreate something similar with her own kids!



Special K said...

I'm so angry for you. The other day my boss got all huffy about something and made me cry on the phone on my day off and it made me so angry to have him intrude into my emotions on a day off.

You have it insanely crazy trying to be everything to everyone. I hope those cookies were worth it and the presentation info can get into the right hands at the right time.

MaryBeth said...

That just sucks. Sorry girl. I'm glad you had a wonderful day with your created some great memories with them, and that's priceless.

In my opinion, you are doing an amazing job balancing your life and it is very inspiring. Gives me hope for the day when I get back into the working world.

HUGS! Now go make yourself a drink!

P.S. Your giveaway is totally rigged! :P Just kidding...

c o u r t n e y said...

Elaine! I am all fired up just from reading that!! Aaarrggh! That is no cool! I am mad. They should not be treating you or ANYONE that way. I hope good comes of this, or I am going to stay pissed for a long time. Hang in there and have a good weekend! Enjoy the snow with your kiddos! ( Totally jealous of all the snow everyone is getting! )

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

Oh I am so sorry!!! I use to work at the Nieman head quarters downtown and I swear my boss was straight out of that movie!!!! I hope you had a great day with your kids though!

3LittleByrds said...

Sorry you were so frustrated. It's so aggravating when you put all your hardwork into it and it's like oh well to bad for you. I would have been livid too. With the snow it was also putting you at risk getting in it when your not use to snow in Texas. At least you got to spend some time with your precious kiddos.

Sasha said...

Unbelievable! I am so sorry and wish I was closer and could have helped! Hugs!

TheOwenOpus said...

Elaine- I have been following your blog for a while now and finally wanted to comment on this post. I dont have kids but am married and am trying to figure out how eventually I will balance everything. I read your blog and think you are an inspiration. Though sometimes it's tough, your kids seem really happy and your devotion to them is so clear. Even though you missed the meeting, your success in both work and family is an inspiration!

Becky said...

I cannot believe someone made the boneheaded decision to reschedule that meeting at the last minute! That is so unfair that you had to miss it after all the time and effort you've put in. You must have been furious. I hope you at least were able to enjoy your time at home.

(And what is this world coming to when Texas gets more snow than Minnesota?)

Amanda said...

I hope everything worked itself out! I left an award for you over at my blog.

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