Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Year's Resolution.... in action!

Remember my resolutions? (These.... that I made towards the end of January, which is typically my style. I guess you could say it takes me a month to settle into the first year and see where my opportunities are.) ;)

The picture above is from last Sunday, after Big Sis's first day of Sunday school. Which she loved. Because she "made new friends and learned about Jesus." And the fact that there was coloring probably helped seal the deal.

I wanted to get a good pic of both kiddos..... but - as many of you moms of more than one will relate to - THIS is what I managed to get:

Tomorrow is the 2nd week of Sunday School and you'd think it was Christmas, as excited as Big Sis is. Last week she asked me if we could go to Sunday school EVERY day. ;) I'm lovin that she's lovin it.... and that it helps make me more accountable to one of MY goals. (I was totally hoping to get to take her to mass on Ash Wednesday with me this wk.... but I didn't get to leave work on time and was 5 min late as it was. Next year!)


3LittleByrds said...

That pic of both of them is priceless. I can totally relate with trying to get a good pic when you have more than 1 child in it. :) Yea for Big Sis loving sunday school. My Ansley loves it too and ask all the time when Sunday is because she knows she gets to go.

Short Southern Momma said...

That is so great girl! LOVING those pictures...that one reminds me of all my childhood pics with my younger brother. {haha}

Hope all goes well tomorrow! xoxo

C. Beth said...

Okay, that picture is SOOO FUNNY. And I'm glad she's loving Sunday School! She's a very good color-er. :)

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