Monday, December 7, 2009

That Silly Elf!

Yes, it's looking like Christmas at the Semi-Homemade House (although you'd never know it with my total.complete.lack of blogging lately. Sorry! I know I'm the only overwhelmed one around here!) ;) I promise to share a few semi-homemade decorating ideas - like this Preppy Pink & Green Tree I did for Big Sis's room - really soon! (Yes, that's tulle - shut up! I decorated this for PENNIES and what's even cooler? I can store it fully decorated and just get it out again next year!)

The silly Elf on a Shelf first came to our house last Christmas. And although Big Sis was a little young for it, probably.... this year she's ENTHRALLED with it. Every morning, she seriously bounces out of bed to look for him. (Because, in case you don't know, every night the Elf leaves and goes back to the North Pole to report on the kiddos' behavior that day. He comes back before morning and is in a diff spot!) Sometimes, he's done silly things, and he's left a small gift or two (think princss lip gloss from the $ section at target!), but mostly he just moves around and waits to be found!
This is where we found him one morning over the weekend....

sitting in a bunch of candy (and with the candles mom had just covered with scrapbook paper!)
And just look what this silly Elf did today. Santa came to school today to see the kiddos. And the Elf knew that, of course. So, what did he do? Laid out their school clothes ON the Christmas tree! Right down to Big Sis's (princess!) panties and tights and G-man's socks. Crazy Elf...

And just to share an amazing find.... This was NOT the year we wer planning to replace our kids' tree that we decorate upstairs (duh, we're in a recession!), but when our old tree (meaning so old I had it before I married Mr. Fix-It!!) broke at the base AS we were putting it together with the kids (picture totally disappointed Big Sis when we told her she couldn't hang the ornaments she's made at school for past holidays!) But.... wally world to the rescue. For $35, we scored a 6ft pre-lit tree with white lights. Amazing!!

And here's the recession-proof tree, all lit up. Ahhh... :) Hope you're enjoying the holiday season!


Jess said...

Love love love the silly little elf idea! So cute and FUN!

MissBliss said...

love it. love all the trees... and the tulle is gorgeous!

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