Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I like this gig

Okay, so I'm not so delusional to think that it would be all playdates at Chickfila.... fun playtime with my (well behaved!!) kids in our living room...and baking cookies..... even though we've done all those things this wk.... BUT, I cannot tell you how much I've been enjoying my time off! I've gotten to be a SAHM for the past week, with 4 more days to go, and!!

I'm loving:

~ the patience I'm having with my kids, because I'm not forced to do 8 things at once

~ that a trip to the dentist office for my 4yo can be fun!! when not stressing about how much time it's taking, and how fast can I possibly get back to work?, and what meeting am I missing

~ getting my shopping.... you name it.... done during the week. And during the DAY!

~ getting to cook for my family. I love to cook but right now I only do it on Sunday evenings (that's when I prepare 2-3 meals that we can eat all wk! We don't get home til after 6:30 on weekdays and the kiddos are too hungry to wait for me to cook!)

~ listening to my kids (really listening!), getting on the floor and playing with them (I know it's sad, but I don't usually have much time for that!), taking them on day-to-day errands (we're finally going to go set up G-man's savings account!)

~ getting stress-free sleep! OMG, I didn't realize how stressed out I usually am.... and how it affects my sleep.... I haven't slept this well in years - always 'thinking' (stressing?!) about the next big deadline, presentation, meeting....

Funny thing is that several people I know (mostly in the working world!) told me how bored I'd be... that I'd be dying to come back to work, have some time without the kids.... that I'd go crazy.... but I've been far from it! I've still been BUSY (I think that's just my nature - I'll always be busy, no matter what!), but I've loved slowing down a bit.... spending time at home!
Now.... if only I had another week at home, I could get started on my 'project list.' :) Watch out, Mr. Fix-It! This 'time off' could get addicting! ;)

ETA: Tonight I tried a new recipe (more on that to come - I tried a Pioneer Woman classic!), AND we gave the kids baths, AND settled into the living room to play..... by 6:45, the same time we're usually getting home! INSANE! LOVE IT! :)


The Miss' Momma said...

Super cute pics!!

I promise you I am NEVER bored! Yes, some time away from the kiddos is nice, but a trip to Target takes care of that.

I'm counting the months/years until you SAH with me ;)

Special K said...

I feel for you. Sounds like life is crazy busy warp speed. Our life was like that and I ended up finding a different job and life slowed down to a much more manageable pace. But alas, with this economy, new jobs are scarce, so take what you can get right?

Tiffany said...

Good for you!!! I totally feel your pain!!! My time at home seems so limited anymore. I keep hoping to hit that big powerball and say goodbye to work and just stay home and have lots of babies!

Val said...

Enjoy your time! I think part time is perfect. It's really too bad there's not more part time options for mommas!

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