Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How do I.....

Switch out my Christmas decorations?
Okay, let me explain.... oh, probably 8-9 years ago, Mr. Fix-It and I (okay, probably just me, but I'm sure he nodded and said okay!) picked out a Christmas color scheme.... Blues with some white thrown in!

Navy blue stockings for us.... and now white stockings for the kids with their names in navy blue... very classic, in our opinion, but not quite traditional at the same time....

All sorts of shades of blue for our ornaments.... with special ornaments (plus the new ornaments we pick out each year, as a tradition!) sprinkled in between:
(fleur de lis and crosses.... additions within the last couple Christmases!)
...then blue in various other places - velvet table runners, tree skirt, decorations here and there.

Here's the thing... I've been saying for years that I'd like a new look for the tree. And today (while I was leisurely shopping during the day with my kids!) at Target, all their Christmas stuff was 75% off, making it super cheap and doable! So, here's where your advice comes in!
What color scheme should I go with? I love the bronze/browns... but I think that would get outdated quickly. So... I've been thinking of a traditional red and green.... with some whimsical lime-ish green thrown in.... Share what colors you love!

Do I have to replace it all? Here's the thing.... we've gotten a new tree several years back, and we actually need a new tree skirt anyway (our current tree is pretty tall, so the tree skirt is too SMALL!) I guess my only hesitation is replacing the stockings, esp the kids with their names embroidered on them... I could just get new red/green stockings for me and Mr. Fix-It and just keep theirs.... or I guess I could wait til we're for sure done having kids and replace them all for baby #3's first Christmas.... ideas?
Do I go whimsical? Like this?

Or like this? LOVE this Etsy shop! The next 3 pics are from Bim Kreations and they are oh, so cute! This is the color theme I had in my head:

More red & green whimsical fun! (And did you see in the pic above that she does tree skirts, too?)

Not into red? She does other stuff - so cute!

Or something more....traditional?

It's crazy to say.... but by next Christmas we'll be in a new house..... and after doing the blue Christmas in....5 houses and 2 states.... maybe it's time to switch it up!

Input, please!! Pretty, pretty please! :)


Seersucker Scrapper said...

I love the blue and white! It's very elegant. Why not try and transition in just one color this year. Like red and white or green and white and then you can continue your transition down the road.

The Miss' Momma said...

Don't keep the kiddos stockings just because they're monogrammed. I can do that with the new stockings in no time flat!

I love whimsy with small kids!!

Val said...

GO TRADITIONAL! You can't go wrong and as trends change, you can switch certain things up but keep your traditional stockings/core tree ornaments and whatever you fill in will blend nicely! That's my vote. LOVE THE TRADITIONAL stockings. The whimsy is SO adorable, but could see where you'd get tired of those after a few years.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, how fun! Love the blue and white...but I am a sucker for red and green. Keep all the blue and white stuff, and just slowly add in red and green -- the traditional won't ever go out of style, and there are SO many options for keeping it 'fresh' -- PS I love lime green thrown in, it looks awesome. And definitely just wait to replace the stockings until all of the babies have arrived :)

Natalie said...

I love the traditional. Our tree is red/green with a little gold. Plus, the random collection of hallmark goodies the kids have received over the years.

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