Monday, December 14, 2009

Check your mail!

The Semi-Homemade card is in it! Can I just tell you how much I love mail this time of year? Today was Christmas card day - we got 10 just today! From old friends we've had forever (Mr. Fix-It's best friend growing up) to friends from various stages of our life (like Val, from our KS days!), to friends that are new just this year (like Kimmie! Your card made me smile so big today - thank you!!)

And since most of them are in the mail, as of today (thank goodness the studio knew that when I ordered 75, I'd really need 100 and just sent extra!).... I'm ready to send the Semi-Homemade card to you!

Then there's the packages.... Shopping online is a neccessity in these crazy times (and 12 hour workdays!) But today.... I got something that I had ordered for me. (Technically, it's 'from' my sister Erin.... hey, she needed ideas and I was happy to provide!) This might be one of my favorites of the season... Custom Photo Ornaments from kkhoff11's Etsy shop.

You pick the colors and customize 4 sides with pictures or text. I don't think I have to even tell you how hard it is to find a totally cool, totally custom, totally reasonably priced ornament for a child's first Christmas.
I chose to put 2 pictures on each of kiddo's ornament. One from the newborn days.... Big Sis:

and G-man:

.....and one from their first Christmas (so Big Sis was 4 days shy of turning 1... G-man was about 5 months).

I picked 2 sides of text. One says "First Christmas" and the other has their first and middle names and birth date and year. I AM IN LOVE! Check out Katie's shop on Etsy and tell her I sent you!
And (by the end of this weekend!), I WILL have pics from Big Sis's Semi-Homemade Nutcracker 'Sweet' birthday party!
Let's just say.... the line between bravery and stupidity is very, very fine when it comes to hosting over a dozen 4 yr olds in your home. ;)


MissBliss said...

mail is the best this time of year! )your front and back pics are both so cute! I love that the kids are in jammies for "and to all a good night"!

Glad you survived the party! can't wait to hear more!

MaryBeth said...

Oh I just love your card! How cute! This time of year is the BEST for mail. I love the ornaments, and I can't wait to hear all about the party.

*kimmie* said...

LOVE the card! Cannot wait for the nutcracker birthday recap!

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