Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cat, bat............bucket, ?

So, clearly, Big Sis is learning how to rhyme in school. By rhyming everything. All day. At first I thought it was going to be a (welcome?!) break from her constant singing, but she's just incorporated the rhyming INTO her singing!

So, converstion between Big Sis and Mr.Fix-It the other night (while I was out to happy hour!):
Big Sis: know what rhymes with cat, daddy? Bat!!
Mr. Fix-It: yeah, that's great, sis...
Big Sis: know what rhymes with dad? Bad!!
Mr. Fix-It: right again!
Big Sis: know what rhymes with bucket? ____ it!

Um, I'm sure you can guess what she came up with to rhyme with bucket. Where she got the idea to rhyme a 2-syllable word... I have no idea. But I hope she doesn't go showing off her advanced skills at school. ;)


kelly said...

i have taught preschool for years and have heard that word many times:) boys pick up a truck but can't say it, you want to laugh and they are only trying new letters but yeah you don't want them going around saying that!

MaryBeth said...

Funny! When I taught school, I was always scared something like that would happen! She's definitely got the rhyming thing down :-)

Sandra said...

My daughter did it with the trigraph --tch. Yes, her teacher ignored her the first twp times and then after the third, explained it was a curse word.
As a K teacher, I love that she can rhyme two syllable words!

Decal Monograms said...

Oh that is too funny!!!

Mrs. Sitcom said...


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