Monday, November 2, 2009

Right now, I'm.....

~ munching. on spiced pumpkin seeds that big sis and i roasted yesterday. because we didn't even carve pumpkins until yesterday. which wasn't even october anymore. but we didn't care... (for the record, big sis hated the seeds... which means i get them all!)

~ missing my kids. having one of those days that just sneaks up on me. one of those mornings where i'm so sad to leave my kids and go to work... so sad that my heart physically hurts. days like this make me quiet (i'm sure you'll find it hard to believe that i'm usually anything but quiet). it seems like these days often come after a big rush of fun family things... after weekends where the kids were especially good... after holidays... after mornings when the kids wake up and want to hug my neck over and over... mornings like this morning.
~dreaming. of all the fun times that are fast approaching. i love, love this time of year. i spent a few minutes trying to add a christmas countdown widget to my blog (is it bad that i don't think it's too early at all?), but couldn't figure it out, so i'll have to try again later.
this is a picture from big sis's first christmas, which was 4 days before her 1st birthday:

seems like ages ago! and yet it seems like yesterday.... christmas of 2006

~ balancing. trying to figure out how to squeeze in some blogging time tonight in btwn hugging my kids as much as they'll let me and starting wk 6 of c25k. because i've got to finish my recap of our halloween party. there were some costumes you do not want to miss!


Val said...

Hang in there! It's hard to juggle everything... for sure, but you are creating some wonderful memories for those cuties with all the special things you do!!!

Seersucker Scrapper said...

I can so relate to missing the kids. Mondays are usually the hardest for me, especially after a long weekend. Just reading your blog made me miss them.

Can't wait to see the Halloween pics. Those seeds look YUMMY!

Erin said...

Hugs to you my dear working Mom friend! Get home, order some pizza, and squeeze on those kids for a night. It always makes the heart feel better. :)


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