Thursday, November 5, 2009

UPDATED: Semi-Homemade Halloween Trick-or-TREATS for Teacher

I got a few requests for the final product, so..... here you go! :) And can't you just picture these for Thanksgiving? I didn't get a chance to appreciate Big Sis's teachers, so a little

'I'm Thankful for Teacher' note + a fall container + baked goods = happy teachers!

My internet is back up and running - I just finished working tonight, so I'll try to get it up by tomorrow!

Well, friends..... imagine me, having all these fun ideas and inspirations and good intentions to get teacher gifts done for G-man's teachers (I want to thank so, so much his old teachers in the baby class that he left behind in Aug... they truly love him and we appreciate themso much! And then also welcome his new teachers....) Then imagine it being midnight the night before my last opportunity to get the teachers these gifts and I'm just now working on them. Sigh... (Truly, who is suprised, though?!)

The Semi-Homemade Halloween Trick-or-TREATS for the teachers are in process, so no real pics to share. But I'm filling a Halloween chinese takeout box with all/some of the following:

Candy Corn Bark - this looks amazing. I first saw it on the Idea Room - she's just brilliant! I cant wait to try out the peppermint version (I'm thinking I'll make it in a couple wks!) Visit her here to get the recipes!

Candy Corn Kiss cookies - I also saw these on the Idea Room, but had to semi-homemade them up a bit! I took ready made cookie dough.... balled the dough, instead of slicing it.... baked and then added a Candy Corn Kiss to each. So cute, so yummy (so already done and cooling in my kitchen!!) Check out the original recipe and pics here!

Brownies - okay this isn't particularly Halloween-ish.... but I'm thinking I'll press some candy corns in.... and they're my semi-homemade specialty, okay? ;)

Then, to customize it.... I'm tying these tags on with some tulle (and I'm also writing a hand written note on the back to his old teachers - they truly are special!!)

Okay, back to work! Or I'll be falling asleep at our Halloween party tomorrow night!


*kimmie* said...

You are so thoughtful! What lucky teachers!

Seersucker Scrapper said...

You are far more ambitious than I could ever be. All of those treats look so yummy.

I am sure the teachers are going to love them!

Erin said...

Adorable ideas! G man's teachers will love all the special treats.

PS: As a special treat to me - I am able to see pictures of you and your lovely family (and home!) for the first time in a while. My work internet security must have changed over last weekend. Whee!

Happy Halloween! Erin

Anonymous said...

SO CUTE! Those are awesome, and the cards are fantastic. You poor thing, it's a wonder you don't fall over from exhaustion. Very admirable :) And I bet the teachers will LOVE them -- that bark is great!

RootsAndWingsCo said...

I love your idea of semi-homemade! That is totally the way I look at things. I was raised in a home with a Mom who made EVERYTHING from scratch! I just can't find the time. So, I do the best with what I have (time and materials). I'd love to see how your Halloween teacher treats turned out!
Rebecca of the R&W Gals

**Amy** said...

Thanks for linking back! Your candy corn bark and cookies turned out perfectly! Thanks again!

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