Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas comes to Etsy & LAST DAY to vote!

These are a few of my favorite things....
I'm going to try to feature as many great holiday items from Etsy as I have time to find! This week, I'm focusing on ornaments and home decor!

In the Semi-Homemade house, we have a tradition that we pick out 1-2 new ornaments each year that symbolize the year. A cowboy and a chili pepper the year we moved to Texas, for example. I'm alway looking for the perfect new ornaments! And I've found some - it's going to be very difficult to pick this year!

This year, I'm all about custom details and personalization. Which is why I love these modern ornaments from Art by Kristi. Love 'em!

This monogram ornament would be perfect for the tiny pink & green tree I'm going to do this year for Big Sis (watch for pics to come - I'm decorating her tree on a super strict budget!) Susie is an absolute sweetheart, and she's the heart and talent behind the shop, my flip flopz.

This ornament sign would be perfect for any "first" Christmas - baby's, couple's, wedding! Love the vintage look! Find it in My Primitive Boutique.

Speaking of 'first' ornaments.... most of you will not be surprised to hear that I didn't get G-man a 'baby's first Christmas' ornament last year. And that's because I never found that perfect one.... and I didn't want to settle! (okay, and I ran out of time!) But this year, I've totally found it. I'm ordering the Custom Photo Ornament by kkhoff11. You customize 4 sides of the ornament with pictures and text, and you pick the colors to coordinate to your tree. I love it so much, I'm thinking about getting a matching one for Big Sis!!

This year, I'm looking for a couple new stand-out items to add to my classic decorations - something new that will change how I look at everything (without spending much!)

Here is more by my flip flopz - I love this Southern holiday sign! I've had my eye on it for ages... Hurry and stop by her shop today to take advantage of her sample sale!

Amanda at Imperfectly Beautiful is such a sweet, supportive gal. Oh, and she makes some really cool stuff, too! She's got tons of cute wooden words, but I love this Joy - the fresh colors, fun prints, whimsical look! SO cute! And she's got a great sale going until Dec 1!

Y'all know how I love decals! Check out this ho, ho, ho by Urban Expressions.

I talked to The Homespun Raven when I was planning the Semi-Homemade Haunted Halloween party. She was great to work with and I look forward to making a purchase with her. I love this pink sign!

I've been wanting to make a semi-homemade advent calendar, and just haven't gotten to it. (Honestly, I might have to buy a simple one this year and leave that project for 2010.) I love this idea - it's amazing! You customize the 24 Advent Pouches by choosing the ribbon color and font.

The contest at the amazing Design Dazzle ends TODAY at 3pm CST, so please hurry on over there and get your vote on! ;) G-man's nursery is trailing the top nominee, but in a close race for 2nd!! Thanks to all for your votes and support!


Seersucker Scrapper said...

These are all so adorable. I think I need to get to crafing!!!

pk said...

A lot of great holiday inspiration here! There are so many creative people out there - love it.

pk @ Room Remix

Sandra said...

Love the vintage ornament! Love your blog, too. It has so many great ideas for me to "borrow."

Tiffany said...

I LOVE those ornaments! It's all great, but the ornaments are just so fun!

MissBliss said...

pink xmas... love it! ;)

that first holiday ornament is adorable!

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