Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm a FINALIST! And YOU can be a WINNER!

Wow, this is THE single most exciting thing to ever happen for Our Semi-Homemade Life! It was an honor when G-man's Pirate Nursery was featured on one of my fav blogs in the first place.... and now this!

Toni of Design Dazzle made my day when she emailed me this weekend and said:

Congratulations! Your Navy & White Nautical Nursery that was featured on Design Dazzle has been chosen as a Design Dazzler and one of the top ten posts from my blog. You have the possibility of being chosen the top Design Dazzler.
What is a Design Dazzler? de·sign daz·zler: person who dazzles with design and decorating skills

Whoa!!! Isn't that exciting? Besides the honor of the title, the winner also receives $500 in gift certificates from sponsors such as Design Dazzle, Red Envelope and more. (Squeal!!)

I'd just be so appreciative for your votes, your best friend's vote, your mom's vote, your blog readers votes. You can vote each and every day (from Mon, Nov 16th to Fri,Nov 20th) right here. Doesn't matter what you say - just leave me some love!

Now, where does your winning come into play? Ahh, glad you asked.

There is a total of $500 in prizes and gift certificates to be won by YOU - those leaving comments on any of the 10 design dazzler nominees posts (3 winners will share the prize)!

I still can't believe this - what an honor! Out of 400+ posts on their blog, only 10 were selected!!
So, in review:
Visit Design Dazzle daily this week.
Vote for G-man's nursery!
Blog about it and send your readers!
Help one of my fav blogs celebrate their 1st birthday with a party that includes over $2000 in prizes and giveaways. Toni filled me in on a couple of them and they're HUGE!!


Sasha said...

Just went and commented! So I just comment each day? I'll all over it!

Lisa said...

love love love this, if only my daughter would let me do this bedroom for her soon to be little *Carson*

Becky said...

Catching up on my blog reading today, so I just now saw this post. Bummer I missed out on the other days of voting, but I put in a vote for you today, anyway! Hope you win!

MissBliss said...

congrats on the recognition!

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