Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lash out! A giveaway...

Okay, so I have a cold. And apparently, so has our internet. All week. Mr. Fix-It finally fixed it (because that's what he does!) late last night, after hours of cussing, unhelpful 'help' from the folks at the internet company, and his general fix-it skills that make him such a handy guy!

So.... while I make you wait WAY too long for a debriefing on the Semi-Homemade Halloween party (and all the goodness of yummy food, great friends, and hilarious costumes!)..... I present you with this:

A chance to win pure awesomeness from Sephora, one of my all-time fave stores! Seriously, with this damn recession, Mr. Fix-It and I have had to tighten up the budgets again (every few months or so, we kinda loosen up.... and then whoa! time to get back on plan!) ;) Anyway, I was thinking... what I wouldn't do for a new lipstick or mascara or pair of shoes....something to add to what I already have, some way to spice up my life without spending much! And what better way than to win something?!

Sephora wants to know what beauty product YOU are thankful for. Tell them and you're entered to win, so simple! And the 3 prizes are sets that are all valued over $100 - woo hoo! (And if you DO win.... and you're thankful that you found out about this contest thru me.... maybe you send one of those mascaras my way. You don't have to, I'm just saying...)

Enter here and have a good one - the weekend is coming!! :)


Sasha said...

Oh.... thanks for telling me about that!

Anonymous said...

Ooooohhhh, that looks fabulous! Definitely would make this recession a little less painful -- we do the same thing with budgets...time to tighten up again!! :)

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