Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 9

4 years ago today..... I became a working momma. I say that because on March 9, 2006, I left my 10-wk-old Big Sis at daycare (that's her, above) and went back to the office. And isn't it crazy how I always remember it all every year when March 9 rolls around?

Reading back through what I wrote about this day last year, I found myself still feeling the same way (isn't it nice when you agree... with yourself?) ;)The recession has had a big impact on so many moms I know - moms who were staying home, but had to go back to work.... wives who are supporting the family while a husband has lost a job.... and more!

Tell a working momma how great she is today! (And she'll probably tell you how great YOU are - and that you've made her day!) Hugs to ALL my mommy friends!


Special K said...

Hugs Elaine! I find myself in the thick of a lot of my close friends in their early thirties all having baby #1 and deciding the big decision- to work or to stay home. Not lightly, always "Strings attached" and never an easy answer. I am happy for every "part time" and time off I had with my babies, but also grateful for the income I've been able to bring to the table to keep us afloat. Your Easter Bunny is just adorable by the way!

Sasha said...

Hugs to you! You are so right, it is SO hard and something I've been really struggling with recently. You ARE a great mom and I so value your friendship.

Tiffany said...

Elaine you are a great mom!!! I feel the exact same way! Being a working mommy is a constant stuggle going on in my head.

Mama Laughlin said...

I love this!
Makes me feel good that by being a working mother I'm not looked down upon!
You are a great HWM (Hard Working Mama)... hey the Stay At Home Mom's have one (SAHM), I figured us Hard Working Mama's should too!!!

Becky said...

That's so funny, because I was just thinking the other day that April 2nd is coming up soon (the day I returned to work after my oldest was born). And I was thinking how strange it was that I still remember that exact date! I know vaguely when I returned to work after my second was born, but I'd have to look up the exact date. I guess it was because April 2nd was the day that I had to start learning how to balance it all. A process I'm still trying to perfect, by the way. ;-)

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