Tuesday, March 23, 2010

C25K update: The Vegas Challenge

As y'all know... I have been commiting myself exclusively to the c25k program for 2 months... jogging at least 3 times/wk. (Amazing that since joining a running challenge with my online friends, I haven't missed a week yet! Is it the inspiration and motivation I get from them? Or the fact that my weekly starbucks habit depends on it as my reward? LOL)  I completed the c25k about 2 months ago... and I've been adding 1/4 mile each week.  I'm now running 3.75 miles at least 3 times a week!

Anyway, last week I got back into The Shred.... and let me just tell you this. That is a whole different set of muscles! As in.... I had to use the handicapped restroom for the next few days so I could use the bars to lower myself gently down. Everything - I'll spare you the details! - hurt like hell.

The challenge:  to work out 5 times/wk... or 20 out of 26 days until the Semi-Homemades and Everythings head to Vegas!  At least 12 of those 20 (3/wk) have to be jogs - the rest can be jogs or strength training.  I've got some girlfriends on FB I can check in with for motivation.

The progress:  I'm 10 days in... and I've worked out 8 times!  It's amazing what kind of motivation you can find when you're staring at your first vacation.  In.two.years.  Today I even worked out at 5am because I had plans tonight.... and Sat I even jogged 3.5 miles with a hangover!  ;)

Working out more changes my whole outlook on diet, too.... I'm trying to eat more lean proteins, all that.  But I was wondering... do any of y'all use a calorie counting website... like  MyPlate on livestrong.com?

And for all you running experts out there... when should I quit adding distance and try to add speed?  (I'm currently running 5.0 mph.)

Oh, and I was planning to give you another installment of running music (rap volume 3 - or is it 4?)  Stay tuned for that next time!


Mama Laughlin said...

yay for you! that's awesome!
why don't you train for a 10K now?
Since you've essentially completed the 5K. That's what I'm doing.
Here is the training schedule I'm using now:

I also run at 5.0 just adding distance now, I'm not worried about speed. I figure that will come later.

And GO YOU for being so committed to the Shred! I've toyed with the idea of getting it!

Oh, I also use Sparkpeople.com to track what I eat.

MaryBeth said...

I use livestrong to track calories. Well lets be honest...I use it part of the time. I usually log everything in up until dinnertime, and that's about it. I do like it though.

I am on wk 7 of C25K and I also run at a 5.0 I haven't worried about increasing speed yet...just want to get finished. Last time I did it I think I ended up doing one long run a week (where I wasn't as concerned about speed) and then two shorter runs (usually 5K or so) where I specifically worked on getting faster.

I have thought about getting the Shred. Now I'm scared after how sore you said it made you! It would be good to use some other muscles for a change though.

Good luck on the Vegas Challenge! It will be totally worth it and you will feel SO great on your vaca!

Sasha said...

You might consider raising your speed .1 or so here and there... if you are like me, you don't have much more than an hour to run anyway. So if you gradually increase your speed, you can get some more mileage in in the same amount of time.

Like do 5.1 for a few runs, then try 5.2 etc.

michelle roos said...

Hey elaine!
I used the Hal Higdon program to train for my half marathon and it worked out great. I'm not sure what speed number I run out because I run outside, but I maintain a ten minute mile. I have found that if I speed up I can't go as far. I totally think u should train for a 10k since u are doing so great! Running is great meditation time for us working mommies :)

C. Beth said...

Elaine, if you do want to improve your speed, I highly suggest some interval training. I've used one of Skip Orem's "GetFitPod" podcasts. (You can get them on iTunes free.) It was great and I plan to use his podcasts more after my 10K. For now I'm doing a group track workout once a week--it's also interval training. But after my race I'll probably switch back to the FREE podcasts. ;) Interval training gets your lungs and heart stronger so that you can go faster. Just doing long runs you'll probably hit a speed plateau.

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