Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Semi-Homemade Treasures from Canton!

Well, in some ways we were right. When we headed out to Canton a couple weekends ago, Mrs. Everything was all set with her list and measurements.... I was just along for the ride. And while we both found treasures, we did NOT succeed in crossing off the things on Mrs. Everything's list... but we had tons of fun, lots of girl talk, and enough retail therapy for both of us!

So... what did I find? So glad you asked! ;)

I was really looking for 2 things:  stuff to decorate my home (y'all know that's my fav hobby!) and stuff to dress up my kids.  I scored on both!

$2 hair bows - seriously, I couldn't make 'em myself for that!  Got Big Sis 4, including OSU orange....

What blew my mind... was that I got MYSELF a few things to wear!  (That usually only happens a few times a year.... like a couple weekends ago when my mom and sis came to town.  We went to the mall - took 3 kiddos with us - and I swear it was like a game show.  See how many decent things you can find - that fit and don't look horrible - before the kids melt down.  Repeat again in about 5 months.)

Got this cute burnout tee..... 
Got Big Sis this tshirt (not from Canton, but from the Canton of the internet... Etsy!)  It's from one of my FAV kiddo clothes shops... Punky Monkey kids.  You might remember the rocker tee I got G-man for his 1 year pics... same place!  Anyway, Got Big Sis this design, in a black tee (you shoulda seen the horrified look on her face when I let her help pick this out... she thought she was getting a onesie)

That tee (and black converses!) will go with this pettiskirt (which I DID get in Canton - and for $15!!!!) ... for the pics we're doing this weekend.  They're G-man's 18 month pics (shut up, I know he's 20 months!)... and we're going with a rocker/punk princess theme.  At the Dallas Arboretum, among all the sweet tulips.  I hope the juxtaposition of it all happens just as I see in my head... :)

G-man will be wearing his coolest jeans (duh) and either HIS Punky Monkey tee or this burnout shirt from Canton.  And no, I didn't realize - until I got home and got everything out - that I basically got my son and I matching tshirts.  Yep, just start his therapy sessions now.... ;)

Then another treat for ME!  One of Mrs. Everything's friends has opened a shop at Canton with her mom (talk about a dream - how fun!)   So we stopped by... and I found this cute & cas denim strapless dress.  Excuse the awful pic and just know that it's cute!  I wish I could remember the name of the shop - if you're interested email me!  Or maybe Mrs. Everything can leave it in the comments - they had cute stuff!

So the pics this weekend (which are with Kristie.  Of course.  I'll come back and show you her amazing work and you'll be begging me for her info.  I promise.  Just tell her I sent ya!)

Anyway, in G's pics by himself... he'll be wearing jeans, a white button up, and this funky little tie we found in Canton.  It's tooooo cute!

Okay, so when I think of Canton, what REALLY comes to my mind is stuff for my HOME! (And you know how obsessed I am with our house!) And there's no better place to shop than Paul Michael!

I've been wanting to put together a new semi-homemade centerpiece for spring.  Last year, I did lemons.  This year, I was thinking... GREEN. 
So I took these....  mossy rocks... moss covered vine... and some green (moss again?) spheres...

+ my trusty (and empty!) hurricane....threw it all together, and done.  
This centerpiece was almost as easy as last year's lemon one.  And I love how it can live right up until summer.  Or until I come up with something better.  ;)

Hope y'all enjoyed a peek into Canton, TX! If you ever get the chance, GO! (And if you need a shopping buddy.... holler at me and Mrs. Everything!  I'll bring my new giraffe tote that I got there for $10!)


Emily said...

LOVE the new clothes! especially the outfit for your daughter...those are going to be some great pictures =)

Tiffany said...

I'm so jealous...I just want sometime to hit the mall let alone a shopping trip with a friend! I can't wait to see the pic's from the photo shoot.

The Miss' Momma said...

Brassy Blueberries

I chatted briefly with Whitney and she said all the stuff from Vegas Market is in and ADORABLE! We can call her and have a private viewing ;)

Tiffany - trust me, this happens maybe once a year! Seriously, the last time E and I did something alone, sans kiddos was her 2009 birthday... in January! And we have to schedule it months and months and months out!!

Kelly said...

I want to go to Canton NOW! You got some great stuff and cheap! =) I so want that skirt! I can't believe it was only $15!

Can't wait to see all the pics from the photo shoot!

Sasha said...

Love all the stuff you got and CAN'T WAIT to see pics!

Bombtastic Belle said...

I loooove Canton! I haven't gotten to go in years, but my Mom makes visits there every ffew months.

*kimmie* said...

1. I never went to Canton after all of my years in Texas. Shame on me. Next time I'm home, I say we're going. =)

2. I absolutely can not wait until the punk rock photoshoot!!!

3. I'd happy to lend a certain semi-homemade blog a decorating hand anytime!

Ben and Emily said...

I wish Canton was a lot closer to TN!! I love your denim dress...too cute!


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