Friday, August 14, 2009

The Semi-Homemade Back to School Guide

Back to School is better (and easier!)....... thanks to Etsy (duh!) and Cool Mom Picks! I've got it all here - from custom looks to personalized paper... and from new traditions to teacher gifts!
Let's start with visiting my friends over at Paper & Cake - especially if you're a teacher! I think this fun set would also be great for parents & students, too! Especially if you love to customize everything, like I do! Remember their mantra? Print ~ Cut ~ Party! Love that! You simply order your package and they email you everything you need. It's practically instant!
The Back-to-School Teacher's Collection includes:
* a teacher's daily planner (formatted for a 3-ring binder) - Or why not use this to keep your kids' schedules straight?
* "Welcome" door banner - customizable! Y'all know how fun customizing is...
* bookmarks
* tent style desk name plates
* seating chart (formatted for a 3-ring binder)
* large & small stickers - I think I have a small sticker problem. Okay, okay, I admit it... a BIG problem!
* alphabet pennant banner
* note cards + envelopes (for notes home or notes to teacher!)
* letterhead
* fill-in certificates
* art saved as .png files (can be used as room decorations or ironed-on tee shirts or a canvas bag!)
* snack boxes (great for snacks or art supplies!)
* pencil toppers (in two styles)
* two full sheets of patterned paper (for artwork, scrapbooking, decorating, wrapping, etc!)
Here are some pics, for all you visual people. ;)

Okay, now something for the moms, college students (or even stylish tots!) And free, too! Check out this giveaway on some of the most fun stationary! There are tons of cute ones to pick from, but the adirondack chairs and the small crab flats are my fav! Check out the giveaway here!
Those notecards would be a perfect place to try out the new Sharpie pens I've been dying to try! (Sad, I know, but fun office supplies make a difference in the office!) But when do you think it'll come in fuschia or aqua? ;)
Okay, but back to the kiddos... how fun is the Traveling Tots Art Tote? And what a great idea at only $18! I love the guitar print for boys:
And here's one of the girly prints:
This is PERFECT for traveling or entertaining your tots while you (try!) to eat at a restaurant! It's made by Tag Line Designs and they say:
This adorable Traveling Tots Art Tote is the perfect solution to entertaining toddlers and kids of all ages. They have so many options that it will keep them busy for a very long time. Great for kids going to school! This comes with crayons, chalk, paper and chalk mat. As a special touch, I have included some paper cut outs for your little one to glue to their hearts content. Just add a glue stick, it will fit! You can swap anything in this tote for something or add them all. Crayons, Markers, Chalk, Glue Stick, etc.
And kids have GOT to go back-to-school in style! So, what about this pillowcase dress in APPLES and cream?

You can find a bow to match ANY outfit at Southern Baby Boutique. They've even got some monogrammed bows for that preppy back-to-school princess!

Or girly girls can carry their pencils in style with this Bow Pencil Case from Katie Gariepy!

But the boys aren't left out! I'm sending G-man back to school in the shirt from his 1 year pics! It's from Punky Monkey and I heart it!

As always, The Cool Mom Picks Back-to-School Shopping Guide preps your kiddo to be the most stylish one in class. Check out the list of discounts and score some cool back to school gear!

To show your new teacher some love, why not just rework the S'more Semi-Homemade Teacher gifts that we used at the end of last school year? It was a big hit with our teachers!

And finally..... I think I'll start a new tradition at the Semi-Homemade house for the first day of school this year.... centered around a fun breakfast! I saw this idea and thought it looked fun:

You just take a bagel, cover it in cream cheese, and your kids can decorate it with whatever goodies you have/buy/deem appropriate. Of course, the always-in-a-hurry-mom that I know I am... I'm thinking this is better left for a weekend, maybe the day before school starts or the Sat after the first week back.

Luckily for me, my kids (and Mr. Fix-It!) will be equally impressed with the semi-homemade route that I'll probably end up going for that first day of school. I'll either make muffins the night before (just simple ones, from a mix!) or pick up Big Sister's favorite, kolaches! (I apologize for this bad, almost gross, really, picture of kolaches! I couldn't find a better one!)

Happy Back to School, y'all! And if you live in TX, get out and get your shop on! Next weekend (thanks, Mrs. Everything!) is tax-free weekend! Click here to get the latest on what's included and get shoppin'!


Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog through Kelly's Korner and I LOVE all your great ideas! I just had to comment on this posting especially because I am a teacher and I would die to have you as a parent in my class!! Your teacher gifts are SO thoughtful and stuff "us" teachers would really like to receive (we do really like any and all gifts but these ideas are especially clever)!! I even 'stole' your smore kit gift and gifted it to my homeroom mom's as a thank you at the end of last year - ha!!
So, long comment long - I love your ideas and I'm amazed how you manage to do it all!!
Cheers to you and your super human abilities ; )


MissBliss said...

how adorable!!!!!

i love the crab notecard...

the crayon sets are too cute...

back to dancing in the rain with my nephew and hub :)

hope you are having a great weekend!

Rebecca said...

i have to say that one of your organizational tips has gone well in our household. i got a single column shoe organizer with 6 slots in the dollar bin at target, hung it in the boy's closet (he's 4) and put a complete outfit in each hole. he now gets up, dresses himself completely and comes down stairs for breakfast. such a great time-saver. thank you so much!

Polkadots & Paisleys said...

thanks! I've had some pretty cute models to work with :) I'm looking at his pirate pictures and.. what a great party! You put my kids party at the park to shame! What CUTE details!

TAG Line Designs said...

I stumbled on your blog when I was searching my Traveling Tots Art Totes on Google and am honored you mentioned my product! Thanks for the mention, and your blog is adorable!
TAG Line Designs

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