Saturday, August 8, 2009

G-man's Rocker Baby Photo Shoot!

Y'all. I've raved about the amazing pictures we've gotten with Kristie.... Tonight, we headed to our Downtown Square, which has THE best place to get a varity of photos... urban, garden, old downtown... it's the best! And I think Kristie and I both got a work out... but she got some great shots, so it was more than worth it!

Please go check out her blog to see the rest of our sneak peek! There's another pic of G-man and you won't want to miss our first glance at the lollipop pictures he took with Big Sis! They were so cute... even with pink and orange lollipop goodness oozing and drooling all over their clothes. They L-O-V-E-D it! And I'd love if you'd leave a comment - if 10 people leave a comment, we'll earn somthing when it comes time to order! (And y'all know about this damn recession...) But why stop at 10 people? She and I were chatting about our blog readers tonight and I was bragging on y'all.... She said one of you has even scheduled a shoot with her - and you won't be sorry! So, go show G-man and Kristie some Semi-Homemade love!

And click here to check out G-man's pirate birthday bash!

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*kimmie* said...

LOVE them! He's so handsome!

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