Friday, August 21, 2009

I hate you, Tax-Free Weekend!

I usually avoid any kind of shopping during tax-free weekend. It's just waaaay too much trouble. (Now, maybe if I had nothing better to do....and treated it like a competition or sport.... like the moms that were in Gymbo this morning.... but saving $8 out of every $100 is not enough savings for this working momma for the time it takes to get said savings. I'm just saying....)

Anyway, as you know, G-man needs new shoes! By Monday, as it turns out. Because he's (sniff, sniff) graduating to the big boy classroom. So... in order to try to avoid the Sat/Sun chaos of Tax-Free Weekend, I decided to take an early lunch and head to the mall at 11am today.

And that's when I met Officer Rich..... The instant I saw the lights, I had tears streaming down my face. And by the time he approached the car, I was in full-on silent sob mode. (Yes, I'm tired.... I've been up since 1am with a child who shakes because she's so afraid of storms.... and I've worked a million hours AGAIN this week, while still falling behind in this impossible-to-do-job... I'm normally not a cry baby, I promise!)

Anyway, he was very polite, but very unaffected by my tears and stream of non-waterproof mascara... And now I have a date with the municipal court (because I've been so successful at escaping the office for ANY reason during business hours..... hence, why I currently have my very last set of contacts in my eyes right this second and why my dentist thinks I've left her).

Mr. Fix-It was sweet and told me it was no biggie.... I couldn't even tell him how much the ticket will cost, because they don't put that on the citation anymore! (I haven't had a speeding ticket since 2002 in KS - I was on my way to pick up my wedding dress.... in between meetings....yes, I see a pattern here...)

So, the new jeans for momma came off my lunch-time shopping trip.... (I haven't bought myself new clothes since I was shopping in the maternity section last year!) But I did manage to score some amazing deals at Bath & Body (if you have those 20% off entire purchase coupons right now... you can combine it with their 7/$20 foam soaps and get 7/$16!!) And I was able to snag a couple cute things from Gymbo (that evil, evil place!) because I could maneuver the check out line easier than those moms (with the babies in the double stroller, older kids wanting snacks, and their Circle of Friends coupon in the bottom of their diaper bags!)

If you're looking for me this weekend.... I'll be at home, hiding from the mall and all this evil tax-free stuff! ;)


Miss Priss' Momma said...

but did you get G's shoes???

Mrs. Sitcom said...

OH MY GOSH -- THAT STINKS! So awful. I can imagine how amazingly frustrated you must have been -- not least of all because of the extra TIME it takes to get a ticket. Ugh. Hope you've had a GREAT weekend!

Becky said...

Yikes! You really did have a bad couple of days. I hope the ticket doesn't end up being too much (but whatever it is, is still too much).

It's funny, this is the first year I've heard of tax-free weekend, but apparently that's an annual thing in TX? I'm lucky that here in MN, there is never any tax on clothing. I avoid Black Friday like the plague, though - even though the sales can be great, I just hate the crowds, commotion, and rude people. I imagine that's what tax-free weekend is like, too!

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