Monday, August 31, 2009

S is for Shoes.... School.... and Semi-Homemade...

It's that time of year in Texas..... back to school! And just because they looked so darn cute, I thought I'd share a couple of pics from the first day of school. Big Sis started Preschool II last week and starts ballet tomorrow!

G-man has a bigger transition.... from an infant class to young toddlers. You see, in this class they sleep on cots (no cribs), eat table food and drink from sippys (2 things he's got down!) and they wear shoes! That last one has been the challenge.... I have bought, tried on, and returned shoes from Target, JCPenney, and Payless... and nothing fits. You see, G's foot is almost as wide as it is long. So, it shouldn't have been any surprise to us when the lady at Stride Rite informed us that he is, indeed, an extra extra wide. And that, apparently, costs you $50. Per pair. Ouch! (If anyone knows of a way to get his feet to stretch longer while stunting any growth in width, send them my way. Just kidding. Kinda.)

Anyway, he IS super cute in his shoes, so that helps take away some of the sticker shock. ;) Isn't he such a big boy?

Here are the shoes we got him.... Stride Rite's Bolton

Here the are in action..... right before he stuck a leaf in his mouth...

And here he is, blowing you big kisses! Muuuuuah!

Apparently, this new big kid class is pretty tough.... he's already taken a few spills, as he starts trying to copy the big boys! He came home on his 2nd day with a big bruise on his head! Over the weekend, he added another bruised bump and a big gash. He's ALL boy!!!

This is Big Sis on the 2nd day of school.... she insisted on wearing the giraffe dress the first day (I told her it was a little summery for the first day of school, but this girl lets no one dictate her style!) So, the 2nd day she agreed to wear this preppy plaid dress with her maryjanes. And why does she have her hands behind her back and her knees bent? Yeah, I don't know either, but she did it in 4 pics and then I gave up.....
(ETA: Is it me or does it look like Big Sis is practicing her Bunny Dip?! She must have caught me watching Girls Next Door at some point!)

Happy Back to School, y'all! And be on the watch for our Semi-Homemade Countdown to the Pumpkin Patch..... or how-to-attempt-to-get-Big-Sis-to-sleep-past-6am-on-the-weekend!


Erin said...

Elaine, Daniel was also a Stride Rite extra extra wide when he was little. They are the way to go, even though $$. Sign-up for their frequent buyer program and you'll get coupons sent a few times a year. They also have good BOGO 1/2 off times to check-out.

I think around 2 years old, his foot evened-out and now we can buy from most any store. But I still like Stride Rite sneakers best! Good quality, IMO.

Happy back to school!


Anonymous said...

You should but the tot clock. I got my 3 yr old son one b/c he was getting up way too early. This clock has saved us!!!!!It teaches children when to stay in bed and when to get up for morning. It changes colors so they can easily understand. Hope thhis helps!
Love your blog!

Colleen said...

BTDT on the Xtra wides--stride rites only for the first couple of years here. It was a huge sticker shock, the other 3 had "normal" sized feet, LOL

Special K said...

So sweet! Love all the pics! Love that my life with Sylvie is parallelling your life with big sis in the style department. Sylvie was so pudgy in the foot as a baby but she outgrew it and I will have you know the shoe aisles are now mine for the taking at all big box stores. Mary Jane Stride Rites were our friend for age 2 and early age 3 and nothing else would work. They do have constant Stride Rite sales for B1G1 so that helps when you have two kids anyway. Love all your stories and the flower picture- all of ours have gone into hybernation!

Special K said...

Oh, and as to the tot clock, maybe try putting something fun and unwrapped to eat and maybe a fun toy for her to play with in your room on a sleeping bag or in her room for when she wakes up?

Mandi said...

Goodness, can your kids be any cuter?! =)

If you have one around, Stride Rite outlets are a good place to get those pricey kicks. We had them near us when we lived in CA and stocked up all the time.

I also LOVE for the kids. You can get some higher end, good quality shoes for a bargain. You guys might like Keen sneakers for him once he's a little bigger. (Coming from the mother of two Flintstone footed kids...)

Becky said...

Ouch, $50 for a pair of shoes! I bet he will grow out of that, though, from reading the previous comments. My kids never wore shoes as babies, either, and it was funny once they had to start wearing them for daycare it was like they had to learn to walk all over again. I remember taking advantage of that by putting shoes on Sammy when we were going out somewhere and I didn't want him running off. :-) Unfortunately, that didn't last long and he learned to walk, and then run, in shoes just as well as barefoot.

Cute pictures!

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