Friday, August 21, 2009

As it turns out.... has shaped up really well. Hear that sarcasm? I've pretty much solidified my title as Mother of the Year.... See, the kids had a End-of-Summer bash at school from 5-6, and we promised that one of us would be there. Except that Mr. Fix-It sold my old car today (yea!!!), so he ended up at home without a vehicle. And I ended up stuck at work. Unable to get away at 4:30, like I needed to.
So when I showed up at 6pm, poor Big Sis was stuck in her classroom (with only 1 other kid who must also have losers for parents), while all the other kids were outside at the party. Eating cotton candy and listening to Rockin' Rhett. (He's actually really good! This is him- click on the pic to listen to one of his songs. I'm a big Barenaked Ladies fan, and he reminds me of them!)
Big Sis looked up when I walked in and said.... but Mom, you said you'd be here for the party and you weren't!
Broke my heart. Something must change.... work is costing me too much. Life plan brainstorming in progress....


MaryBeth said...

Sorry about the bad day...that stinks. It's hard when your little one gets to the age where they notice things like that. You hate to disappoint them. I forgot to send L to school in his pj's for pajama day and when I picked him up he said, "but I was the only one here with no pajamas on, mom..." Broke my heart that he felt embarrassed about it. Hope things get better for you and you have a nice weekend with the fam.

Oh, and by the way...I would love some dairy free recipes. I know you have so much spare time for stuff like that, so just whenever you get a chance...ok?

Special K said...

I'm so sorry!

Sasha said...

Why didn't they let her go out for the party?????? I am so sorry you are going through a tough time at work. But tell me about what you will be driving.... a mini van like me? :-)

MissBliss said...

what is up with them keeping the two kids inside the classroom during the party????

no worries... you do so much amazing above and beyond stuff...

yesterday I thought I had the whole day to prepare for my exam last night in the just for fun ecommerce class i'm taking (i mean, finally go to the beach with my visiting sister in law and hubby,) and while having a leisurely breakfast at 11:30 am, suddenly remembered an important work meeting, as in, once a year meeting, at NOON, for advisors to the incoming freshmen at the U of Miami.

I had completely FORGOTTEN about this meeting to which I had rsvp'd, and was about to go to the beach, thinking all I had yesterday was my test at 6pm.

anyway, we are all human, it was okay, and big sis will have all the many AMAZING memories you have made for her, think of that!!!!

You are the mom who *races* her up the stairs at night...

i know some moms who should take lessons from you!


Mrs. Sitcom said...

Oh that stinks. But, um, I would have had to restrain myself from going after the teachers who decided that those kids had to stay INSIDE and miss the party because their parents weren't there?! Lame and mean. Excited to hear about your new life plan...!!!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Oh poor sweet mommy! Don't beat yourself up. We put so much pressure on ourselves and judge ourselves soooo harshly sometimes. You ARE a good mom and are doing your very best.

Why in the world could those babies not join in the party without their parents there? Seems silly to me. Hope this week turns out better.


Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

Thanks to all of you for making me feel a little less like a bad mommy!

And several of you asked about why the kids had to stay in and miss the party... it's not as MEAN as it sounds... it's just the way it works for the parties that are intended to be for the family. As soon as your parents come, you go out and enjoy! Because the stream of parents usually starts as early as 4... and it's rare that all kids aren't picked up by 5ish on these only-a-few-times-a-year party days. You know?
I still get bummed when I think about it... Not sure exactly how yet, but my loser mom days are over!

Becky said...

Oh no...I can imagine how bad you must have felt. Parental guilt is so powerful.

Good luck coming up with a new life plan that will help you feel more sane!

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