Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What to Expect..... when you're Expecting AND running C25K...

SETBACKS, that's what!  ;)

When I was pregnant (and running!) with Gman...  I got a horrible stomach bug around 20 wks.  Lots of vomitting led to a trip to the ER to be rehydrated.  Once I recovered, I never ran again during that pregnancy - I had to make the switch to walking.

After last week's 5 day migraine (and another trip to the ER!), I was afraid I might be headed down the same path.  I had jogged the day before Thanksgiving, making it 12 days in between runs - yikes! - and part of me was afraid I wouldn't be able to get back into it.

But then I had dinner on Sat night with 2 old friends.  I met these girls online in early 2005, when we were all pregnant with kiddos due in Jan 2006.  Sasha and I have been good friends for a few years - we connect on lots of levels (struggling to do it all as working moms, running, shopping!) and I just love her dearly.  And she lives in my home state of OK.  Beth and I have shared lots of stories about our kids (we have girls the same age and boys about the same age!) and she's THE source when it comes to info on running - I love it!  But I'd never gotten to meet her... until last weekend.  So fun!

They were in Dallas to run the White Rock half marathon.  Over a carb-y dinner of pasta, they shared their training regimens and we talked life.  It was that kind of rejuvenating fun - just what I needed!  Here we are, after dinner (I stand at a short 5'4", but don't these girls make me look like a giant?)  :)

They gave me the energy I needed to run last night.  It was tough, but I'm so glad I did it!  I'm still working towards a goal of reaching wk 9 of the c25k (I'm currently doing wk 6 - for the 3rd time - see what I mean about setbacks?!)  After I reach wk 9, then I'll work backwards towards wk1.  It'll be challenging in Dec (I only have approx 3-4 time slots avail in each wk to run, so I HAVE to make it happen in those times!), but if I make it thru without any repeated wks... I'll finish wk 1 when I'm 31 wks pg - almost 8 months!  So much can happen, but all I'm thinking about is one jog at a time.

And in the meantime... in the last 2-3 wks.... my belly has taken on a life of it's own!  Here I am with Sissy.. in the new house... sans shoes... She loves 'her baby' so much - I think I'll be getting alotta help!

And today was a big day - the SONOGRAM!  I've had so much anxiety this pregnancy... I guess I know how blessed I've been to have 2 healthy children... maybe it's that worry that my luck will run out! 

We held strong and opted not to find out the sex (mr. fix-it seemed to be wavering a bit, but in the end, he was strong, too!)  Baby #3 (I need something else to call him/her besides by a number... or the Tiebreaker... suggestions?) looked healthy in every way - answered prayers!

Hope y'all are having a wonderful week - I just love this time of year, even amid the chaos!  Sissy's birthday party is just 4 days away... we close on the house in 8 days.... and 11 days from now, I'll be residing (admist a million boxes!) in my new house!


Tiffany said...

If Big Sis helps out anything like Dalton does with his little sister...you'll love the extra set of hands and extra entertainer. You look great btw!

Jess said...

Running friends are the best (because then you know there are other crazy people out there like you who like to run)! Great news about the sonogram and such a cute little nose! And you do look great!

Lori said...

I am doing week 5 of CT5K for the fourth time...or attempting it I should say. I can never seem to get all the workouts in so I have to repeat! Ugh! So I feel ya! You look great though and I am utterly impressed that you are doing a running plan while pregnant!

C. Beth said...

Your belly is so cute! I couldn't see it as well when I saw you in person, but in the belly shot where you're holding your dress, I can see that he/she is growing--yay! :)

It was so great to meet you in person! And I love your C25K forward/backward preggo running plan. Just listen to your body...it's doing hard work right now even when it's sitting still!

Special K said...

Yeah! My suggestions on what to call the baby in utero are....

Tois (however you spell it in french)
or some cool version of "three" in some other language

MissBliss said...

Hi, Elaine,

glad you had a girls' get together.
congrats again on this new baby on the way.... I like Special K's suggestions...

I am having fun with the possibilities! something with "homemade" or fix-it, jr., but I know you don't know gender...
a homemade mystery! okay I will stop now... (miss-tery; mister-y)

take it easy with the running!

Kate said...

Glad that the baby is healthy :) You better do another nautical nursery-boy or girl! ;)

MissBliss said...

"sweet surprise" !

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