Thursday, December 23, 2010

New House, New Job(s), New Baby (on the way!), New Year!!

We're just exhausted from all the newness around here.  As in literally, falling down, exhausted.  As in, during just the last 10 days, we've had 1 sinus infection (poor G-man), 1 case of strep throat (a sick pregnant woman is NOT someone you want to have to deal with!), and 4 pink eyes (yes, we've ALL now had it!)

But we've also been so blessed... to have my sweet here to help all weekend.... to have my sweetest bestie Mrs. Everything swoop me off to a Monday afternoon pedi - her treat!... to live in the most beautiful house that really, really feels like home - even amidst the boxes and chaos!.... to be traveling tomorrow to be surrounded by family.

And I feel blessed that so many of you have followed me all year... despite my SLOWEST, least creative bit of blogging in my (somewhat short!) history.  But I was just telling mr. fix-it last night... that I can't wait for the new year and lots of creativity, semi-homemade-ness, and blogging.  Can't wait to show y'all the progress on the house and what I have in store for 2 big kid bedrooms and a nursery!  (Just as soon as AT&T stops pissing me off and moving back our internet service.. which is now set for next Tues, fingers crossed!  I'll be MIA until then, just stealing a quick minute on the web at work today!)  :)

Have a blessed Christmas!  I was planning to share a pic of our tiny 4-foot tree, that's been totally engulfed with all the wrapping (complete with tulle!) that I've been working on the last few nights..... And also send y'all the special Christmas card I made just for you.  But since all that is at home, where we are internet-less... I'm just sending a pic from last year's tree (which sadly went from storage to attic) and well wishes for all of you!


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