Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vegas, baby!

What next?  I feel like that's been playing over and over in my head in the last few days...  All I can tell you at this point (sorry!) is that the number of things that are unknown are outnumbering the number of known things.... and it's getting more and more lopsided by the minute.

So, excuse me and my current panic attack.... and let's go back to a simpler time, a time when it didn't seem as if my whole world was up in the air.  You know, like last week.  And so I present to you (since so many of y'all asked!), the Semi-homemade/Everything Vegas trip!

Mr. Fix-It took this pic of us (seriously, I'm not that photogenic, so my best pics are usually these self portraits, ha!) in front of a fountain outside of Paris. 

We had just been to see the hypnotist Anthony Cools with the Everythings.... he was hil-arious! The only downside... was crying off 1/2 my party makeup in the first 5 min of the show, while I was laughing uncontrollably!  Here I am with Mrs. Everything, right after the show!

And with my sweet groom.... celebrating 8 years of wedded bliss.  (Okay, that sounds cheesy, but it's true!)

The Everythings!  I love Mrs. Everything's fun necklace - it says, Hello Summer of 2010!  (For those of you who are just joining us... Summer of 2010 has special meaning for the Semi-Homemades and Everythings! It's the first summer in ages when someone wasn't pregnant!  She was pregnant for summers of '09 and '07 - I was pregnant with G-man in '08... and back in '06, I was a first time mom and the Everythings were childless newlyweds!)

I picked our dinner location one night and this was it - our night at Tao!  YUMMY!  Don't the Everythings look sweet?

Another self portrait....  We went to Nobu for our anniversary and it was absolutely the.best.dining.experience.EVAH!  Loved it!  We picked a couple things from the cold menu, a couple from the hot menu, and some sushi... and these white wine Saki drinks... mmmm... I'd fly back to Vegas just for those!  I never thought the day would come when we'd go to a sushi place over a steak house for our anniversary - and mr. fix-it even ate raw fish!

Me and mr. fix-it at Tao.

This is the ONLY pic I ended up with from our cabana - bummer!  We had so much fun the first day (probably had nothing to do with the 2 bottles of bacardi we finished off!) that we booked a cabana for the next day, lol!  Here's Mr. Everything, kicking back...

And finally, my farewell to Carly.  Y'all, Carly has been my love.  Mr. fix-it got her for me a million Christmases ago and she's gone with me everywhere.. regardless of what Iwas wearing, where I was going.  I committed to her and there was no other bag for me.  (Okay, this is sounding dramatic to some of you... the rest of you are nodding your head in agreement!)  I loved this bag because it was big enough to be my "mom bag" but all that metallic trim and big hardware kept it from looking like a mom bag!
So, walking into the big Coach at Caesar's, I wasn't expecting to say goodbye to her.  I was simply there to look at shoes.  But... while talking to the (amazing!) salesperson, we ended up discussing how my Carly was one of the originals, which had issues ripping out at the top.  Coach was replacing them a couple yrs ago, but I couldn't ever find a replacement bag I loved.  But, the salesperson offered to replace my bag in Vegas, even though it was a few years old, and they gave me the allowance of the full price that was paid for that bag.  Wow, how could I pass that up?  Especially noticing that my bag had the wear & tear (dirt!!) that accumulates after a few years of being a busy momma.  So I said hello to Maggie... and here I am, saying goodbye... to Carly.

Ooh, got a few pics from Mrs. Everything! :)

We were joined at the cabana by a friend of the Everythings, and the 5 of us had so much fun!  (Seriously, can we go back?  Like tomorrow?)  :)

Thanks, Mrs. Everything!  You got lots of good pics!  And some funny ones (you & I will discuss those later!)


The Miss' Momma said...

just emailed you all the pics from our camera!! There's a GREAT one of the 4 of us outside TAO.

Need to figure out the best way to get you the videos.

Anonymous said...

Girl...I will not even start with how jealous I am right now! hahhaha

Looks like y'all had a great time glad you made it home safe and sound! Hope your having a great week! xoxo

Tiffany said...

Ah next time take me with you!!! It's been gosh 7 years since we've been to Vegas ;( lol...looks like all that running and shredding paid off hot mamma!

Mama Laughlin said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!
You look beautiful! Hot mama!

Sasha said...

How fun! I wondered if you had ever traded in your Carly.... what a great offer she made you! I would have taken it too!

By the way, my word veri is "sinin" which is funny since your post was on Vegas!

ValG said...

I've been waiting to see pics. Looks like SOOOO much fun, and you look AWESOME by the way. That running must have paid off... one hot mama!

MaryBeth said...

Looks like you had a GREAT time! I'm jealous! BTW, you look beautiful! All those workouts paid off :)

C. Beth said...

HOW FUN! And your workout challenge worked--you look GREAT. :-D

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