Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Semi-Homemade Huh?

So, if you're like me, you've been wondering....

What (the hell) happened to all the fun semi-homemade ideas, projects, recipes, and inspiration that I used to come here for?

Um, yeah, about that.....
House on the Market + Vegas Challenge = Little Time to be Semi-Homemade

My semi-homemade feats as of late include things like:
Semi-homemaking of beds.  (This was kinda optional prior to now.)
Semi-mopping of sparkling floors and shining countertops.
Semi-homemade dinners on the table.  Like scrambled eggs.  Twice in a week.

But don't y'all fret!  I have several fun ideas in my head and I promise to get around to them after Vegas!  (The fact that I can't leave a project out while it's in progress is really slowing me down... but after Vegas, I think I can get a couple uninterrupted hours in a day to make progress!)

Speaking about getting it all in.... Melissa at the Inspired Room talks today about how she does it all - especially how she makes time for home projects admist the chaos of her everyday life!

1 comment:

Jackie S. said...

Ha ha , that's hilarious, I'm sure your followers (including me) understand..:)

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