Thursday, August 18, 2011

Giving up Dairy

Hi, y'all!!  Remember me?  :)  Another "meet someone I think is funny/cool/sassy" post to tide you over until actual blogging occurs over here again.

Remember when I had to give up dairy when I was nursing G-man?  And it was so awful, all I wanted to do was complain... and share the precious few recipes I had that my whole family loved... and then complain again?  Well, we're at it again (so this is the 3rd time I've had to give up dairy... out of 3 babies, for those of you keeping score at home!)  This punkin fooled us and kept her symptoms away until she was 7 weeks!  Sigh....

Anyway, to cope this time around, I've done 2 things:

Started reading this blog.  MODG. 

Omg... she is toooo hilarious.  I've had to walk away from my desk at work because I was laughing so hard that I feared I might snort or choke on my (soy) starbucks or something.  Today, she's talking about giving up dairy, too... Hello again food, you dirty dirty lady.  I was first introduced to her by a friend who also has a newborn....and this post totally describes my maternity leave:  10 things about boob feeding that only I'm going to tell you

You're welcome.  ;)

The other thing I did.... I ordered this cookbook from Amazon:  Go Dairy Free. 

I hate that the only thing I've cooked from it so far was some yummy cinnamon bread.  (I might have woken up on a Sunday morning.. after a Saturday evening out without kids!.... and needed something yummy and carby.)  Anyway, my menu planning has been totally a low priority lately, so I keep going with my dairy-free standbys:  chili, BBQ chicken, grilled chicken, fish.... But as soon as I try some, I'll be sure to pass them on!!


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