Friday, August 19, 2011

Meet the Teacher(s)!!

We are so lucky to live in a town that's entering it's 7th year of a Dual Language program.  And Sissy got in!  They put all the 5 year olds through a 45 minute interview, basically... then they fill 2 kindergarten classes with a combo of native Spanish speakers and English speakers.

Here is Sissy with her homeroom teacher, which is also her Spanish teacher.  She'll spend the other half of her day with her English speaking teacher.  School starts Monday - I can't believe I have a kiddo in elementary school!  (I did super easy teacher gifts for tonight... will try to get them up here this weekend!)

Happy weekend and Happy Back-to-School everyone!


kimmie said...

That's so cool! We started Spanish in 3rd grade (which is still considered way early for most schools) and it made SUCH a difference. Even though I didn't pursue Spanish past high school thanks to a bunch of AP credits, I can still read and understand it fluenty.

Can't believe she's so big!

C. Beth said...

What an awesome opportunity!

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