Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mabel's House

Do y'all know Liz at Mabel's House?  She's witty, spunky, and recently became a (working) mom.  Oh, and she's hilarious and a great writer. 

Which is why.... while you wait (and wait... and wait...) for all the great things I'm going to tell you just as SOON as I get a minute to blog... I want you to go meet her.  Today her blog  reached out and grabbed me.  In The Silver Linings of Working Moms, Daycare & Beano she describes the life of a working mom in a way that I think any working mom can relate.  From the paralyzing sadness (so glad I'm not the only one!!) to the special, really ordinary moments you might take for granted otherwise.  I totally agree when she says it's not the mommy guilt that gets you.  Sure, there's some of that... but it's that sadness that gets to her, and I'm on the same page.

G-man turns 3 this weekend, so for now, I'm eyeball deep in some last second party planning.  Which I'll share before he turns 4, I promise. 



Bed and Breakfast Brugge said...

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MissBliss said...

Hope you had a great party Elaine! Thanks for this intro-- she's great.

Back into blogging during summer ;)

Miss you!
Danielle in Miami Beach

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