Saturday, May 14, 2011


Sugar.  At least that's what I call her.  :)  G-man calls her Punkin.  And Sissy holds her every chance she gets.

I am sooo excited to say that I'm on the mend from my 3rd c-section (I STILL can't believe I'm momma to 3 sometimes!), and I'm ready to decorate!  So stay tuned as I tackle all 3 kiddos' bedrooms (Finally, right?) as well as take on the rest of the house.  I'll also fill you in on what's keeping me up at night (and it's not the newborn!)
WOO HOO to decorating and blogging!



kimmie said...

She is SO cute! Can't wait to see her personality emerge! =)

Decal Monograms said...

She is beautiful!!!

Karen At Home said...

Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!!! I am loving that bib, where in the world did you get that??? Such a cute idea, so funny, yet so true about our kids!!!

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